Important Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds

“Are you new in the world of baseball coaching and looking for Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds? Then you are at the right place.”

Baseball is one of those sports that have a particular space in the heart of people around the United States and its neighboring country. Since the day kids start to go to school and start their sports activity, baseball attracts them toward it as it is quite a sport. Hence there is the requirement for the special coach who can help these young gems to grow their skills in baseball.

So, if you are one of those aspiring, talented coaches who are looking for the new drills that can help the kids in developing their game, then you are at the right place. Here, through this piece of writing, we are presenting you some of the core drills that are a must for the kids. If you are their coach or if you are someone who is teaching his child about this game at home then you can’t miss what is ahead in this article. This tutorial will let you know some of the basic Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds.

Now without wasting any further time, let us inculcate some of the great exercises that must be followed by you while you are teaching the young to grow as good baseball players. These drills will not only develop their game, but they will help in the body development of the kids.

But before we head to the Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds let us tell you that there is a proper chart that must be followed while you are teaching the kids. You must start with the Tee ball drill and then via going through the Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch you must start working on the drills that are for the eight years old. Here are the following steps that must be followed while you are preparing your seven-year-old for the baseball game:

  1. Tee Balls: Playing catch, hitting and Running
  2. Warm-up Drills
  3. Fielding Drills

Steps to Be Followed While Implementing the Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds

Now let’s try to understand how these given steps work and what are the further steps associated with them:

1. Tee Ball Drills

Tee Drill is about teaching the new bees unless you have the professional players. When you are talking about the kids, I don’t think they have such professionalism as these little champs are still learning at such young age. Hence, the first and foremost step is to go with the Tee Drills in which you will follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Playing Catch: Is all about ‘playing chase’ in which the one player will throw the ball, and other will chase it. Hence there are two steps: Letting the kids learn how to throw and how to chase/catch the ball.

Note: These young champs have still a long way to go and hence make sure not to stress them out with catching, go slow and let them learn on their own.

2. Hitting Drill: The step to this drill is quite simple. First, you will need to have 2 or more partners who will run on the field with every hit. Second, you are required to tell the children how to hold the bat. The proper posture of the hand and the body must be taught to the kids that will help them in future. Finally, “Don’t teach them about throwing the bat after hitting and before running.” It can hurt the kids and is considered as a wrong practice. So help to understand how to swing the bat before putting it down and then running.

This drill is the part of Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch as well because as the kid will grow, he will introduce more strength in his game and hence more hitting practice will be done.

Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds

3. Running the Bases: After hitting the next step is running so here are the few steps that should be followed:

Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds

Use the ‘Play ball’ as the keyword while you are teaching them how to run. As you say 'Play ball' the kids with put down the imaginary bat and then start running between the bases.

Make sure to teach them running between the bases one by one. First between the two bases, then three and then the four. Don’t rush at all.

As the kid will grow and reach to the age of 8 years, he must not stop before he reaches the final base or the base that must be acquired according to the situation. As at this age, the players are also fielding around him, and hence there are chances for him to get out.

2. Warm Up Drills

Now the kid has grown to an age of 8 years, so you can put some extra pressure by letting him know the importance of warming up. On a note, there are certain leagues that start the game at such age hence the importance of warm-up is quite necessary. Here are the certain steps that must be followed during the warm up drills:

  • This drill starts with the catching practice of the kids and hence the movement of the children toward the direction of throw must be checked.
  • The posture of the children during the throw must be monitored and improved.
  • The throwing distance should be increased with every throw as well as it will enhance their strength.
  • 3. Fielding Drill

    Fielding is about aborting the score of the opponents and hence while this drill is in action, after some time of chasing the ball, thrown on the base practice, you must introduce the real game setup with running players in between the bases.

     We know the fact it may be too much for the eight-year-old, but real leagues are happening between the kids’s such age so why not helping them to practice with the actual game setup. The main aim is to let them learn about the precise fielding rules, and hence one must teach them when and how to use the ‘force out rule’ along with tapping the player.


    As we conclude there is one thing that we want to say for all the drilling procedure stated above:

    While you are tackling with the players at the age of 7-8, make sure not to lose patience. Go slow and use the best process to train these kids.

    “The Baseball Drills for 7-8-Year-Olds not only require your tactics, game rules but they also need your patience and slow speed.”

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