How Are Baseball Pick Up Lines Made?

Are you looking for some baseball pick up line? You might get here a lot of baseball pickup lines.

Baseballs Pick Up Line:

Is it the halo or you are on the deck circle?

Is that you in the outfield?? As you’re an angel.

I’m a good, hard wood and all the other guys out there are like broken bats.

I will let you pull my dinger if you are Antony Recker.

As you are warming me up, I feel that we are in the bullpen.

Do you wanna come by for my afternoon delight after your early morning training workout?

You are up next, so are you on the deck circle?

Can you show me your spitball?

Everybody else has a tamed diamondback, can you tame mine?

If you want to see what a real saber magician does, then you need to come to my place.

Being a baseball player, I know my bases.

Since I am already a member of the fan club, I would love to apply for your fan club too. Are you accepting the applications?

I can’t forget thinking about you, how about calling you up this September?

Dam girl! You are a fielder’s choice.

I feel like I am fainting, did you just hit me with a pitch?

I’ll know it’s real if we make through the road series coming up.

I just wanna hit you, girl. Is your name baseball?

Hello, girls!! I am here to steal hearts just like Dee Gordon steals bases!

Babe, let’s get back home and have some fun as the season is over.

With one hand covering the girl baseball players cover up girls with the other hand.

If you wanna look at my trade package some up to my hotel room at the winter morning.

I am starting to fall for you, hope you are a good catcher!!

I will catch you as I am an outfielder.

Let me make a call; I am an umpire!

I think I am gloving it.

Gradually you will see a diamond as you date me.

I could easily hit a homerun if you were a baseball

You being the ball and I being the bat, I would have easily got out.

I like a platoon player, so I am dying to get some action.

Your dugouts, or mine?

Love for you never dies like Daric Barton.

Your butt is way better than the others in the locker room.

Are you putting me in middle relief or I’ll be your closer tonight.

Wanna make it a blowout as the game is getting boring.

I am good at stroking balls away, for which I am called Derek Jeter.

Because of my night games, I am known as Arizona D’Backs.

As the A’s bullpen wants to blow me, people call me The Lead.

I am a good 2-hole hitter; I get to bat 2nd.

You seem to be the big ticket agent, and I have a lot of money to spend.

Apart from being off base, I would like to go on a date.

I give you permission to tag my butt.

Let’s go on a one year deal and look for the other option years later

Come over and calculate some flip.

​Wanna hear something serious? My gloves for you.

​Isn’t my bat adorable as it is long, hard and intimates you?

​What is the probability of me wining the match tonight with you?

​Girl, either I can take you to the ball or bring the ball to you.

​You are a worthy catch for the Gold glove.

​I am not talking about the home run derby, but a long one night with you.

​You are a man’s game; a baseball!

​You are not less than a catch baby.

​You are a baseball, without doing anything you make me nervous.

​I am a long reliever, try me in my next innings.

​Your knees will buckle coz of my split finger.

​Are you the Oakland A’s daughter? I knew it you are so full of shit.

​It is worth waiting for you like Matt Harvey starts to play, it’s worth it in the end.

​Forget the dodger baby! You are the new hottest thing in town.

​Wanna hear a joke? The Blue Jays

​I am gonna pound it in your zone all night so you can call me Mark Buehrle as I won’t give you time to get out of the box.

​Baby Jamaicans make me go crazy. Are you from Jamaica?

​Are you wearing your jersey? I need your name and number.

​My pitch to you? Be my GF?

You already stroked 2 times today, let’s make it 3.

​Are you Sonny Gray? I just wanna stare at your curves.

How about you and I, going for extra innings?

​What did the baseball glove say to the ball? I’m stumped.

​Hey, player! I have my eyes on your butt.

​Can I hit a pitch on you?

​Babe, come play in my extra innings.

​You are swollen. Did you get a hit with the baseball??

​You swept me off my cleats

You make my heart go batter, batter!

Are you working out throughout the day, as I can see you running in my mind all the day?

I did really like to win your heart after winning this medal.

So these are few baseball pickup lines which might be helpful for boys and girls who are interested or have some knowledge about the game. These are few cheesy lines which might help boys to get closer to girls. The lines are of baseball equipment, players and the different rules of the games.

You can not only make pickup lines but jokes, cute messages, etc. too. You can use these lines for girls or boys, according to your wish.

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