What Baseball Position Should I Play? Find Out here

A game that is famous all over the world. It is one of the most enjoyed games by the Americans. The onset of the game in New York in the mid-18th century made people go gaga over it. The crazy baseball fans took this game to a level where it got associated to the term ‘National Pastime’.

Baseball was initially introduced by the French people. The clerks in the 17th century used to play the game by wearing all white and black striped uniform. The baseball cap was a rage at that point of time. Soon enough the growing rage made the game famous among the New Yorkers.

The New Yorkers had their own charm of playing the game in a well off manner. The game used to be played by them along with the named jersey and steaming hot dogs. The Americans got obsessed with the game widely.

Baseball came into fashion after that and the National Baseball league came into existence. The league was initially and was the first of its kind to be played off. As the fondness for the game grew, there came in the American Baseball League that proved to be in clashes with the National Baseball League.

The clashes were handled rather maturely. There was a pact signed between the National Baseball League and the American Baseball League and that is how the leagues played during the time of world war.

Tools of The Game

The game is played between two teams that is the opposition and the defense team. In total there are nine innings played by each team. The total number of players in a team are nine. In order to play the game of baseball following tools are required:

The ball used in baseball is merely the size of the fist. It is of 9 inches and is white in color. The baseball ball is weaved around with red thread so that the players get a nice grip around the ball.

The baseball bat is different from the cricket bat. The baseball bat is 9 meters in diameter at the base and gets narrower near the handle. The base of the baseball bat is given a smooth and round finish so that the ball is given a good blow.

Then they have mitt or gloves. This is one of the mandatory tool in the game of baseball. The glove or the mit is weaved between the fingers of the players. It protects the player from the hard blow of the ball.

In the end the players are required to wear helmets that protects their face from any sort of injury. 

What Baseball Position Should I Play : Find Out here

The rules of the game of baseball are fairly simple. In the game of baseball, the ball is given a hit by the baseball bat when pitched by the pitcher. The pitcher pitches the ball taking the best baseball position. The ball is to be given a hard blow in such a manner that the batsman is successful in scoring perfect points. The batsman is then required to leave off the bat at the home run and run around the other three bases. Once the batsman reaches back to the home base and gives in a touchdown it is considered a perfect score.

The batsman can be given an out if the fielders are successful in giving him a catch out. The three run out will further give the chance to the next team to get to the opposition side.

Field Description

The field of the game of baseball is in the shape of a diamond. The field is further divided into the outer circle and the inner circle. The outer circle has three fielders and the inner circle have four fielders. The inner circle is considered as the major part of the field as most of the time the ball hits the inner field.

Game play

In order to play the game of baseball efficiently the ball is pitched by the pitcher and it is given a hard blow by the batsman. The batsman then runs around the field touching all the four bases and gives the perfect score. In the game of baseball, it is really tough to score a perfect score or popularly known as the home run. The ball is often catched by the fielders and it is considered to be a knockout. The game of nine innings often ends in six or seven innings. The parties then swap in for the opposition and defense.

The game ends at six or seven innings when the old ball is to be exchanged for the new ball. This happens because the old ball is damaged because of the continuous hard hits. If the three players are given an out even that leads to swapping of the defense and the opposition teams.

Baseball Positions

There are different positions to play the game of baseball. Baseball have different positions to play in that are listed below:

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    First base
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    Second base
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    Third base
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    Short stopper
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    Right field
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    Left field
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    Center field

The best position to play the game of baseball is considered to be the catcher and the short stop.

What Baseball Position Should I Play
  • The Catcher

The catcher is often considered as the most important player in the game of baseball. The catcher is often put into limelight by the commentators. This happened because of the abilities of the catcher for that perfect catch and to block the ball appropriately. The catchers have earned great name in the history of baseball. The great baseball player Mike Napoli was considered as one of the greatest catcher in the history of baseball. This made him famous worldwide. The major aspect related to catchers is that the catchers cannot be replaced easily. Their capabilities speak a lot about them. The catchers arm is famously given a limelight in the game of baseball.

  • Short Stop

The short stop is often considered as one of the most influential player in the game of baseball. The catcher, the fielders and the pitcher might be one of the great players but the short stop is seen to be the most influential. Then there enters the general manager who takes up the decisions of the game. It actually interprets the game as to how it is to be played.

  • Pitcher

The starting pitcher is considered as one of the main players of the game of baseball. He sets in the tone of the game of baseball and decided the further interest of the game. The pitcher marks whole interest and the future of the game of baseball.

  • Batsman

Batsman specifically sets the tone of the batting technique. It gives the idea of the game to the audience and both the teams. A strong batting lineup is a must have in the game of baseball. The strong lineup provides to be the base structure of the game.

The best baseball position is mentioned above that are considered as the most significant part of the game. The players on these positions are put into limelight because of the positions they hold. The importance of the position the players hold can never go unnoticed.

In The End

What Baseball Position Should I Play : Find Out here

All in all, baseball is one of the best games given by the mankind to the century. The Americans love it to the extent to which they love eating hot dogs. Baseball came into existence in the 17th century and gave the joy of finding love with a bat and ball.

As far as the positions are considered in the baseball teams the best positions give the best limelight to the players. Besides all these positions the position of general manager is considered as one of the best positions in the game of baseball.

Although the position of general manager is not one of the position that is officially included into the game of baseball. It is considered as one of the most significant and influential position in the whole game of baseball. The best baseball positions have been given a viewpoint in this article that proves to be informative for all the crazy fans of baseball.

The game play has been given out major access and it is pretty simple. Baseball is considered as the game of technicalities. The techniques need to be learnt well before stepping in the game. The game of baseball calls for constant hard work. The best position in the game of baseball is the position of catcher. The catcher needs to catch the ball in the game of baseball so that the ball is blocked well or given arm defense is played in a well off way. The catcher needs to squat and catch the ball in the game of baseball.

In the end the game of baseball is a fun game to be played and calls for lots of practice and hard work. It is one game that is to be tried for sure. The game takes your obsessiveness to another level.

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