How to Clean a Softball Glove – Some Tips to Improve the Longevity

Softball players know the importance of glove in their game play and so it becomes important for them to understand how to clean a softball glove. Similar to any other piece of accessory used in the game, a softball glove needs appropriate care and maintenance. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that the glove is kept in optimal condition.

When the player is on the field, sweat, dust, and dirt get collected inside the leather. When they are not removed, they can cause hindrance to the life of the glove. So, you are recommended to learn how to maintain your glove in optimal condition. You should clean the gloves after every game or at least once in a season.

Things You Will Need to Learn How to Clean a Softball Glove:

  • You will need a soft cleaning cloth
  • A soft drying cloth
  • A mild soap and
  • Glove oil
  • A bowl of warm water

Here is a step-by-step guide to making sure that your gloves will stay longer with you:

A Step-by-Step Guide On How to Clean a Softball Glove:

Remove the Dirt and Dust:

First, you should start by getting rid of dirt and debris from the leather of the glove and you can use the soft and dry cloth for this purpose. Remember to carefully wipe the outside and inside of the glove. When wiping, you should pay close attention to the inner palm are and also the finger holes

Take the Dry Cloth:

Once you wipe the gloves entirely using the wet cloth, now, use the dry cloth to remove the excess moisture from the gloves completely. Make sure that you have entirely removed all the moisture from the inside the glove. This should be done to make sure that mild growth can be prevented. When you do not use the gloves for long during the off-season, these cleaning tips are important to maintain the health of your gloves.

Appropriate Placement:

Once you remove the water with a dry cloth make sure that there is no water content. If still you find some dampness, just place the glove under fun or a little sunlight for some time to make sure that it dries completely. You can place the glove in a cool and dry place for at least a week if time permits.

Periodical Checking for Mold Growth:

If you do not use the glove for long, you should keep checking the gloves periodically for mold growth. Remember to check both the inner and outer leather. If you find any such growth, just buff it away with a dry and soft cloth.

Apply Glove Oil:

Rub a professional-grade, high-quality glove oil of your choice into the inner and outer leather of the glove once it is thoroughly dry.

Why Should You Keep Your Gloves Clean?

When you are searching for the answer to the question ‘how to clean a softball glove,' it is clearly understood that you look for the best ways to clean the same. But, why should you keep the gloves clean? Regular cleaning will make sure that your gloves will last longer for more than just a single season.

Most gloves for baseball and softball are made out of durable and tough organic leather. But, if they are not properly maintained, they are vulnerable to deteriorate in longevity. Also, cleaning will make sure that your gloves will remain safe against mold and dust. Furthermore, when these things are not cleaned, they can have an impact on your skin. All these things make the regular cleaning a must for your gloves.

Proper Storage is Also Important:

Now, you know why and how to clean a softball glove. But, remember that once you clean the gloves, they should be stored properly to make sure that they will last longer. One of the biggest mistakes done by most players is not storing the gloves properly. Sometimes, they just toss the gloves in their closet or they just leave the gloves in their bat bag for long.

Not just during off-season, but also proper storing is important when the gloves are in use during games. Proper storage will make sure that you will be ready with the gloves as and when you need them for a play or practice day. Here are some tips to follow for proper storage:

  • During Off-season: During rainy season and cold season, it is important that you should store your gloves in a dry and cool place. Never leave the gloves with your other baseball items like your bat, ball and other stuff. You can place it near to heater or in the suitable room temperature.
  • Dry Storage is Important: If you clean your gloves using the how to clean a softball glove tips given above, it is highly important that you should make sure that the gloves are completely dry before storing them. If possible you can use an absorbent rag to completely dry the gloves.
  • Conditioning: Before storage, you can also use a conditioner on your gloves.
  • Store With a Ball: When you store the glove during off-season, it is better to keep a ball rolled, and this will help to keep the pocket in proper shape.

You can follow the tips given above for effective cleaning and storage of your softball gloves. Not just learning the different tricks and trips in a softball game, you should also be aware of how to clean a softball glove.

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