How To Select Best Leather For Baseball Gloves

Buying a baseball glove would be a fun yet very tricky activity if you are an amateur and don’t know how it turns out to have a Best Leather For Baseball Gloves of if you don’t great leather materials used for your baseball glove what issues you might be facing in that case.

There are many considerations that you need to look for when you are going to choose the best baseball glove, whereas having the best materials used in them is one of the most preferred features you will need to look for.

Baseball gloves come in a variety of styles and can be made with a wide range of various materials having more or less similar properties but they differ in their particular features due to the difference in the origin of the leather that has been used in the various different types of leather gloves for baseball.

You can choose from the various kinds of leather used in them like synthetic leather, pure leather, and treated leather gloves. Here are some of the best options you should try:

Best Leather for Baseball Gloves Reviews

#1 Barnett Leather Baseball Glove SL-125 Outfield 12, 5’’

Barnett Leather baseball glove is one of the finest gloves that is available on the market. If you are looking for quality leather for your glove, this is made with high-quality pigskin leather material. For the players who need durability and easy usage, this could be an excellent option.

To know it more, this glove is a great option for young players to improve their confidence while playing. It is best suited for kids aged 14 years and around. Due to the fact, the kids are very much keen to play more and learn more and that is why this glove has been made to offer very little wear and tear so that kids would not have to buy one again and again.

barnett leather baseball glove SL-125, outfield, size 12,5'',brown

The glove is made with 2 folds and has a closed pocket that ensures a firm grip and also has a special design to reinforce palm area for a risk-free play. The material is resistant to damage and provides a comfortable and easy wear that gives sufficient luxury for the young players while playing on the ground. The glove has no abrasive feel and is comfy and soft from inside for an easy and pain-free usage.

#2 Mizuno Prospect Leather Ball Glove

For full grain leather glove material, this Mizuno Prospect leather ball glove would do the best for the baseball players. The material is durable and gives a perfect finish that may withstand high end playing and consistent pressures. The glove is well designed and its power closure tech offers the easy catching capability. So, the players who would be playing in catcher’s position can benefits from it the most.

Mizuno Prospect Leather Ball Glove

Due to the fact this has been designed for catchers, the heel of the glove is being made flexible with heel flex tech and gives a safe and easy coverage so that catchers can perform easy and with confidence. Along with the flexible heel, the para shock palm pad and palm liner make this glove even easier for the user.

For a sweat free play, the gloves are capable of absorbing the perspiration. The power lock system ensures a snug fit while the Hilo lacing and flex bridge construction with the help of tartan flex provides an easy transition while playing.

#3 Baseball Glove, AmiPro Left Hand Glove PU Leather-- Outfielder's Mitts

This AmiPro PU leather glove is a great option if you are looking for a soft glove with easy usage and game ready structure. It comes in 3 different size variations including the 10.5, the 11.5 and 12.5. You may get it in 2 different colors having a brown or black appearance. For players aged 3 to 6 years the 10.5-inch gloves would be perfect whereas 11.5 is good for 7-12 years of age and 12.5 would be good for ages 12+.

Baseball Glove , ADiPROD 10.5

The gloves are suitable for kids as it does not need any break in time and is soft without any extra burden caused by the heavy leather materials. The left-hand glove is perfect for a right-hand throw.

The glove is made with PU leather with is soft and easy to use while playing whereas the inner lining is of soft and comfortable polyester lining ensuring high-level comfort.

#4 Rawlings Gamer XP GXP1153MO Mocha Leather Baseball Glove

Rawlings Gamer comes in mocha leather and is a perfectly designed glove for baseball players. With an improved leather design, this leather glove offers a durable structure with pro-grade features including the pro soft leather, pro grade lacing and patterns that offer game-ready glove that is easy to get in and no need to worry about the perfect game ready texture and softness.

These features are offered perfect positioning for right-hand throwers as it rests in the left hand. The size comes as 11.5 inches and provides a snug fit design for the players to play easy and confident. The palm is padded perfectly for easy catching and risk-free play.

#5 Champion Sports Leather Front --Vinyl Back Fielder's Glove

In case your kid needs a vinyl glove that doesn’t need to have a break in issues, then this vinyl back fielder’s glove comes from champion sports with leather front and vinyl back construction. This combination provides durability and ease of use with enough soft padding to support kids while playing. This one is 11 inch in size and fits good for small kids aged 8-9 years old. It has closed basket webbing with conventional style back.

#6 Webetop Baseball Gloves Adult Youth Kids Professional Left Handed Soft Thicken Durable PU Leather Infield Catchers Mitt Brown

The webetop PU leather gloves is another great example of PU leather baseball gloves that are good for easy play and a good fit for the kids and adults too. This one uses high-quality PU leather making it soft and comfortable and provides a good glove structure that works both for softball and baseball games. The cushioned palm pads offer shock resistant structure and extra deep pocketing having flex action mechanism offer easy catching and secure closure.

To add to the comfort level the inner lining is made with faux fur. It works for adults and kids where the 11.5-inch glove is good for 13 to 17 years of age, 10.5 is suitable for 7-13 years old. The 12.5-inch glove works well for adults.

Different Types of Materials Commonly Used in Making the Baseball Gloves

There are mainly 5 basic kinds of leather options that you can find in the baseball gloves. Due to the difference in the nature of the leather that is used in various gloves, the gloves offer various level of durability and softness as well as breaking time. You must choose the glove having the best materials used in it so that you can get the kind of performance you need.

PU Leather

PU leather is not pure leather is soft enough and good for the kids to use. Though it is easy to use and need no break in time, it may not be as resistant to wear and tear issues as the pure leather would be. But this is a great option for kids because of its lightweight and without any break in time issues.

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is not buffed hide leather that offers more durability and strength but it may need a break in time period.

Fine Leather

Pure leather having a fine finished that has been buffed to offer a smooth surface is also a pure material that offers high-quality materials for a baseball glove. This material ensures a high level of durability and resist wear and tear issues easily.

Oiled Leather

Oiled leather is soft and offers high-quality gloves with less or no break in time and the gloves come tournament ready.

Guide to Choose the Right Material of Your Baseball Glove

Choosing a baseball glove on the basis of the materials that have been used in it is one of the basic priority that can determine the quality and durability of the baseball glove. That is why it is being considered important to note what kind of material has been used to make the glove you have chosen or the one you need the most.

You May Look For the Following Features While Choosing the Right Materials

The Durability

You must notice if the leather you have chosen offers a durable structure for a long time usage. In case you need to play baseball and you are a regular player, you must be needing a durable materials leather that can resist wear and tear issues and provide long lasting performance.

Breaking Time

Make sure to look if you need tournament ready gloves or you can spend some time to break in the gloves. Most of the pure leather gloves are not soft enough. While the PU leather and other synthetic materials do not need breaking in issues.

Type of Game and Tournament

You may also choose the type of leather on the basis of kind of game you are going to play. If you are looking for a high-end game that lasts longer than average or if you are looking for a glove that would last for the whole gaming season, you may go for a pure leather glove. While PU or synthetic materials would do well for small tournaments.

Comfort and Ease

Synthetic materials are soft and easy while pure leather is a bit stiff at the start and take the time to get softer. You may choose as per your preferences.

About Best Looking Baseball Gloves You Need To Know


Choosing the best leather for baseball glove is an important step forward when you need a comfortable and appropriate glove for your kid or your own usage as well. As a fact, the right material determines the way you are going to experience the glove and the extent to which you will be feeling easy while playing on the ground. For choosing the right leather, make sure you keep in mind for whom you are buying the glove, the nature of the game in which you will be using it and how comfortable you need it to be for the sake of ease and durability.

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