An Absolute Guide To The Best Baseball Gloves And Top Reviews

The best baseball gloves is an important accessory or let’s say a key accessory, for baseball players. When it comes to selecting the best baseball gloves, then it is not as easy as selecting or buying ordinary mittens or gloves we wear in winter.

There is a huge difference in the types and shapes of gloves that are used in the baseball game.

the best baseball gloves reviews

Each and every player needs to select their glove in a careful manner because the performance of the players as well as their safety depends mainly on the quality and the appropriateness of the gloves being chosen.

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Most of the high-quality baseball gloves come with highly comfortable design and features to assist the user while playing.

So, when you are out in the market to buy a perfect baseball glove for your next game, make sure you have all the baseline information and guidelines in mind to help you pick a perfect one for you.

Most of the high-quality baseball gloves come with highly comfortable design and features to assist the user while playing. So, when you are out in the market to buy a perfect baseball glove for your next game, make sure you have all the baseline information and guidelines in mind to help you pick a perfect one for you.

Each and every player needs to select their glove in a careful manner because the performance of the players as well as their safety depends mainly on the quality and the appropriateness of the gloves being chosen.

Features You Will Need To Focus In A Baseball Glove

If you are a pro baseball player, then you will probably already know what features and important things you will consider while selecting your glove. But if you are a beginner and are in the market to buy a glove for your first game on the field, then you must be aware of some of the most important features that determine its effectiveness and your performance in the game.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the glove that will be the best fit for you:

Types of Baseball Gloves

You will need to choose the right kind of glove according to the size, your position in the match, age group, and the style you prefer depending upon your role in the game. These gloves come in various forms and size.

  • Size Options:

There Are Two Basic Size Options For You To Choose.

  • Adult Baseball Gloves

  • Gloves For Young Players

One is for young players and has an adjustable wrist strap to make sure young players can adjust the gloves easily. While the gloves that are meant for adult players come in perfect sizing to be fitted with the player’s hands perfectly. The average size of the adult gloves ranges from 12–14 inches. While for young players the average size is about 9–12 inches.

Also, if you need to have a perfectly fitting glove, you will have to measure the size determining the right height from the heel area of the glove to the finger tip. Always remember the perfect sizing is crucial and will be a great assistance while playing and will help in catching the ball easily.

Different Shapes and Styles of Baseball Gloves:

  • Baseball gloves come in various styles that usually depends on your position and role you are going to play in the game. You can have a look at these types as follows:
  • Right and Left-hand Gloves

At first, you need to know if you are a right-handed player or a left-handed player. If you are going to play with your right hand, you will need a regular glove on your left hand to leave your right hand free. While if you are a left-handed player you will need a full right glove to leave your left hand free to throw the ball.

  • Pitcher’s Glove

The pitcher’s glove is made to provide a hideout for the pitcher and give a comfortable grip to throw the ball easily. It has a little padding and has a longer size so that the pitcher will throw the ball easily.

  • Catcher’s Mitt/Glove

Catcher’s mitts or gloves are a bit different from regular baseball gloves. This is because there are no fingers made separately, instead, the gloves are made like mittens, making a whole cup-like interior catch the ball. These are a bit stiffer than other kinds of gloves and can withstand for the whole game without getting torn off.

  • First Basemen Gloves

These gloves are different from those of usual fielder’s gloves. The fingers are designed in a way that will not let them flop around and allow the hands to take a firm grip on the ball while throwing. These gloves come with a web-like pocket, instead of a closed pocket, which makes it feel lighter and deeper as compared to other gloves.

  • Infield Gloves

Infield gloves are not much bigger in size. They can be 11–12 inches long with a shallow pocket and thin padding. But for the third baseman, the gloves should have sufficient padding and a deep pocket, because of the fact there will be more hard hits at the point.

  • Outfield Gloves

The outfield gloves are more like a nested glove, having a long size ranging from 9–15 inches and have H-shape web pockets. The reason behind their increased size, lightweight, and web-like structure is to enable the players to catch long shots and cover the ball easily while diving in the outfield area.

Here Is a Chart To Help You Decide About Baseball Glove Size

  Age Of The Player


  4-9 years old

9 inches-10 inches

  9-13 years old

11 inches-12 inches

  Adult player

12 inches-13 or 14 inches

  • According To The Position In The Field


   Glove Size


10inches-11 inches

  Young /Outfield

11 inches-12 inches


11-12 inches


12inches -12 3/4 inches or 15 inches

The Best Baseball Glove Reviews

1. Rawlings GG Gamer Series 11.5-inch Glove

Rawlings GGG gamer series has got the highest quality ready to play gloves for all ages and purpose on the baseball field. This one is an infielder mitt with a left-hand throw orientation and has a size of about 11.50 inches. These gloves are made with a higher level of comfort and improved performance while making use of strong Trap-Eze pattern to help get a stronger and better grip.

best baseball gloves Rawlings GG Gamer Series 11.5-inch Glove
95 %
7 %
0 %

It has been made with pro leather material and the US made pro laces for a better quality grip and long lasting performance. The top most places and bar that are meant to connect fingers together are versatile and can be adjusted to be used as in fielding or out fielding glove. Overall, the glove is made to give comfort and durability while maintaining the quality of the performance. The glove has the ability to work at its best in outfields as well as in fielding positions.

2. Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75-inch Outfield Baseball Glove

This is an outfielder’s mitt for baseball players and can be said as the Best Baseball Glove Ever. It is 12.75 inches long made of high quality and durable leather material and with a D-ring back to support the pocket inside with the best grip and support to the glove. This is known as the best and the most popular among the outfielder’s gloves available on the market.

best baseball glove Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75-inch Outfield Baseball Glove
85 %
3 %
12 %

The Rawlings Gold glove is made to provide 10 percent player and 90 percent factory break in with no problems at all. It is made with full grain fingers lining and the high-quality US made laces provide maximum grip and cover for lofting balls that comes to the outer ends of the baseball field.

The glove features 6 fingers deep pocket long glove, that is best for out-fielding positions, with the Trap-Eze web that integrates with the fingers in a way that doesn’t separate the fingers and makes a perfect pocket area to catch up with the balls.

3. Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove

This is one of the Best Youth Baseball Gloves on the market. It is a 10.75 inches all position young player’s glove that come with 100% ready to play texture and needs no time or effort to break in. It is a perfect fit for the young players who are serious about their game in the field.

best baseball gloves Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove
92 %
5 %
3 %

It is made of 100 percent leather material that is durable and lightweight and gives extra comfort and support to the hand. It consists of cat web design and has a double welting to provide a durable pocket and maximum support to the hand. It is a right handed throw orientation and has H-web construction for the best performance. Quality laces and soft, inner lining makes it the best for young players.

4. Rawlings Players Series 9-inch Youth Baseball Glove

Young players who are just starting out to learn the baseball tricks right from their childhood would love this baseball mitt for sure. It has got a durable design, a basket web between the fingers to help kids catch up the ball easily. It is a soft glove, that doesn’t pose any issues to break in.

Rawlings Players Series 9-inch best Youth Baseball Glove
86 %
11 %
3 %

The durable laces and perfect design with medium pocket and full support on the palm make it a perfect fit for the kids. It is a great glove for little kids as well and is useful when they are starting to learn and throw or catch the balls as a baseline.

This is an outfielder’s mitt for adults and among the Best Baseball Glove On The Market. It has a size of 12.5 inches, making it long enough and fit for the outfielder job in catching lofting balls. It is available in the right hand as well as the left-hand orientation with the single web. The gloves come as game ready and will not require long, break time to be first used in the regular game.

Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit best Outfield Baseball Glove
94 %
6 %
0 %

The palm has a double structure and dual welting on the glove, to make the pocket stronger and firmer. It is made with Cheyenne Penny Leather and offers great comfort and durability for the user. It leather construction offer a better break in. The heel is constructed to give a low profile structure, and to handle the ball with a better grip. It is soft and ready to use.

It is a shallow pocket infielder glove and one of the best from Wilson Baseball Gloves, with assize of 11.25 inches. It is meant for right handed throw hand. This glove has been designed based on Dustin Pedroia’s specs. The basic shape and style of the glove includes an H-web and long laces to adjust the fit. The heel has a little padding and the pocket is not much deeper. It has been given a snug fit body to fit with the hand easily and keeps the hand comfortable ready to play with the ball.

best base gloves reviews
100 %
0 %
0 %

The gloves are made with the Pro-stock leather ensuring greater durability and longer life as compared to other gloves in the same category. The overall built and especially the wrist part has a breathable cover, allowing the skin to stay cool and dry while you play.The dual rolled welting that runs from behind the finger tip makes the finger curved in a way that enhances the pocket size and in turn helps in holding the ball firmly.

The Role of Different Types of Baseball Gloves

Depending on the position of a player, the best baseball gloves are chosen according to the role a player has to play on the baseball field. The reason for the difference of the gloves worn by the players in different positions is that all of the players in the field have to play their own unique role and has different responsibilities to fulfill.

Here are the functions of each kind of glove that are mostly used in a baseball game and how they are designed to improve the performance of the player:

  • Catching the Ball and Not the Dirt

Most of the infielder’s gloves are designed with an H-web shallow pocket to help the fielder capture the ball easily while leaving the dirt behind. These gloves help the players to catch the ball and throw without any delay.

  • Keeping the Palm Safe

Most baseball gloves come with a thick, firm padding on the palm of the glove so that when the ball is being caught, it doesn’t hit the palm hard.

  • Throwing and Catching the Ball Firmly

For the outfielders, the gloves are made in a way that helps them to catch the balls and throw them with a firm grip and long throw.

  • Deep Pockets to Catch the Flying Balls Easily

Deep pockets, long gloves, and nested pockets make the gloves lighter and enable the player to catch the ball without any trouble.

  • Concealing the Grip When Pitching

Gloves that are being used by the pitcher have their specific design to help them conceal the movement of the ball that is to be thrown to the batter and it helps in what throw the pitcher will use.

How To Pick The Best Baseball Gloves - Step By Step

Picking up the best baseball gloves requires you to follow simple yet important rules so that you don’t have to confront disappointment by getting a wrong glove. Let us have a look at the best practices and steps you should follow while buying the the best baseball gloves that actually provides value when you play:

Step 1: Determine The Type

The first thing you should determine is the type of glove that you will need. It is better to buy a glove or a pair of gloves that is versatile and can be used for multiple positions. But it would be better if you are sure about your positioning in the field and the role you will be playing because specialized gloves come with enhanced features to boost the performance of the player and help them play better. Like outfielders will need longer gloves, infielders will need to be closed pocket shallow gloves, and pitchers will need flexible and deep gloves.

Step 2: Size and Age

Make sure you buy the glove that is appropriate for your age group. As discussed earlier, the gloves for younger players come in sizes of 9–12 inches. While the adult gloves come in sizes from 12–14 inches. So make sure you get the one that is the best fit for you, according to your age group.

Step 3: Look For the Best Material

Gloves come in various qualities based on the material that is used. The best ones are made of pure leather and are durable and last longer as compared to the synthetic materials. So make sure you get a glove that is soft, ready to use, durable and can withstand wear and tear issues and can be set to work easily.Though the better the leather, the more time it will take to break it in. But some gloves with pure leather also come with factory based break in work to help you get it started easily in less time.

Step 4: Glove Features Webbing, Back, and Wrist

There are three kinds of webbing that you can observe in the baseball gloves. The I webbing, H-web and Trapeze webbing. The I webbing is best for pitchers while H-web is perfect for infielders and Trapeze web is good for outfielders. Also, open back gloves are good for infielders while closed back gloves are a good fit for outfielders.

 Pocket Size And Length

If you are going to play as an outfielder make sure you choose a long sized glove with a deep pocket. While if you are an infielder choose a glove with a shallow pocket.

Step 5: Durability

Look for a durable glove that can withstand the pressure while playing and can give you long-term service. The most durable material is the pure leather and if you go for a synthetic glove, you generally cannot expect to get as many games out of it.

Step 6: Price

Price could be an issue if you are on a budget. So make sure you compare the pricing and pick the right one that suits your budget as well as your needs.

Tips For Using Baseball Gloves:

Price could be an issue if you are on a budget. So make sure you compare the pricing and pick the right one that suits your budget as well as your needs.

  • Always make sure that your glove is of the right size and fits snugly in your hand. A glove that is too tight or too loose will not help you play comfortably.
  • Always make sure your glove is soft enough to be used in the game. Most gloves are stiff and need to be broken in before you actually use it in the field. To make it feel soft you will have to turn it inwards and let it stay with a little leather/glove conditioner and check when it gets softened enough to be put on and used easily.
  • For a catcher’s glove, you should look for soft, plush padding on the palm pocket to reduce the ball pressure and also should have a claw-like structure to grip the ball firmly.
  • Make sure you have an adjustable wrist strap so that the glove will not slip off of your hand.
Baseball Glove Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

What is meant by breakthrough time?

Most of the best baseball gloves that are made with fine, 100% pure leather materials come in a stiff and firm structure that is not easy to put on while playing. The time these gloves take, to get softened enough to be used in the actual game is called the breakthrough time.

What is a closed back glove?

A closed back glove is the one that is mostly preferred by the outfielders and has a firm support at the back of the glove to give a firm support to the pocket and an easy catching position.

What is a webbing on a baseball glove?

The webbing is the web like woven part made of places that connect the finger and the thumb is to provide a pocket-like structure to give a firm grasp on the ball.

Should we have a different sized glove for various positions on the baseball field?

Yes, outfielders need longer gloves as compared to the infielder who need short gloves with shallow pockets.

Which Material is Perfect for Best Baseball Gloves?

The pure leather is the best material for baseball gloves. It is because it lasts longer and has the capability to withstand wear and tear issues without getting damaged.

What is a heel in the baseball glove?

A heel, in the glove, is the areas that is just adjacent to the wrist and provides sufficient support while catching the ball.


Concluding our discussion about the best baseball gloves that are available on the market, we should say we have given a complete set of information to help you pick the right glove for your next game. Don’t worry if you are just starting out or a beginner in baseball, we have given a comprehensive list of features and important steps that will guide you in choosing the best glove for your use. Don’t forget to go through the above-mentioned points and choose your perfect glove in no time.

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