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The Wilson manufacturer is known for its premium quality products, and especially their baseball gloves have their class apart. It is elegantly designed with the ‘Soft Fit’ tag which the professional baseball players prefer. A little design flaw or the improper use of the right material could completely ruin the fun part of the game and can trigger the frustration levels of the players at the same time.

This is where the Wilson manufacturer does its point scoring by giving just what the player wants in search of giving their best in the game. Further, the manufacturer in the making of the Game Ready Soft Fit glove also keeps in mind all the industry standards. As premium quality comes at a price, so this Outfield glove is just rightly priced for the features it has. Let us explore this phenomenal product in a bit of detail in the forthcoming sections:

Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Outfield Baseball Glove

The Wilson manufacturers spruced up the value of this baseball glove with below mentioned amazing features:

Supporting all needs – An all-round experience – The glove is available in both right and left hand throw along with Single Post Web (Reinforced). So, left or the right handed players need to order it accordingly.

Construction – The glove is a size 12.5 inches. It offers an excellent double palm type of construction for reinforcing the pocket. The durable pocket is ensured with dual welting construction. Such a construction enables players to firmly collect the baseball in the glove’s pocket, without any chance of dropping it. Further, the dual welting construction also helps in a way as not to force the player to put any extra effort while catching the ball.

Material – The glove is manufactured with Cheyenne Penny Leather (Exclusive) material which comes game ready out of the box. The leather keeps its integrity over time and also in different outdoor weather conditions.

Value Added Features – The following value added features are inculcated in the product:

It comes with the low profile heels which make the product well forgiving on those bad hop grounder likes.

The leather material is engineered in a way to provide the user with the much needed softness on the hand. A solid and soft feel is what that inspire players the most about the glove.

Complete leather construction is ensured in the smaller areas as well such as in the palm liner, laces, and the shell.


Specs are as below:

  • It is a 12.5 inches outfield baseball glove.
  • The net weight of the baseball glove is 2 pounds.
  • Leather made
  • Great for adult fast pitch softball and slow pitch softball
  • Double palm construction
  • Flexible construction with low profile heel


This professional level Soft Fit glove carries a number of advantages as given below:

Double Palm construction means reinforce glove pocket – The manufacturer here ensures a double palm construction which reinforces the pocket while catching the baseball

Softness ensured – The leather used in its manufacturing is eco-friendly and it is engineered in a way to give a super-soft feeling on the hand. Further, the top quality leather also ensures that the product lasts for several years to come.

Extremely Durable – The exclusive Cheyenne Leather used is extremely durable and game-ready.

Forgiving on Bad-hop Grounders – It comes with a low profile heel which boosts its productivity, and at the same time it also shapes up the glove in a way to become a bit more forgiving on the bad-hop grounders.

One Glove Fits All – The glove for the baseball players having varying needs could be adjust well to fit their hand size and their specific needs. This flexibility is its critical advantage.

Easy to Break In – The glove is ready to use right out of the box. It breaks in easily from the first day you wear it with no tight hand feeling at all.


It has a share of its cons as well which you must also read below for making the right decision when ordering a baseball glove:

 Some baseball enthusiast finds the softness not up to the mark which is one of the major drawbacks of this glove from Wilson.

There are some concerns about the size of the gloves as some customers found the size to be too small as that of a travel ball and not actually the adult size which is expected.

  • The leather quality is not as nice as it used to be with Wilson products. At a glance, the leather looks like not good enough to last for a long time.
  • Some users have found it a bit tight around the thumb area, but this is something which takes a little bit of time to break in and feel soft around the thumb area.

Customer Reviews and Feedback:

The product at Amazon is enjoying a 4.4/ 5 rating which is fairly attractive for the baseball enthusiasts. Buyers loved it for the softness of the glove and found it box ready as soon as they receive it. The feedback from customers shows that the gloves are fairly easy to break in but, however, little issues are reported about the tightness around the thumb area. The softness is excellent, and the glove makes a nice pocket while catching the baseball. Then, some reviews about the sizes are also notable. The size is not as large to be called an ‘Adult’ size. It is closer to what we call a travel ball size. The customers find the price of the product just about right for the quality which is offered.


This amazing glove from Wilson carries great value to the baseball enthusiasts. This is suitable for teenage kids and adults having varying needs. The baseball coaches also find it as a complete package which they require on the field while training the baseball players. The softness of the glove, the pocketing ability, the leather quality and durability is just about perfect at the price at which it comes. It is advised just to vary about the tightness that can be felt initially around the thumb area. With a little bit of use, it becomes an all that you need the type of a baseball glove.

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