Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove Review

For the catchers who need a perfect glove to have a strong hold of the baseball and still need to avoid the stinging feel of the ball, this Akadema AGC 98 is a great option. It has been designed by the hall of farmer Gary Carter 





Due to the fact the design has been based on the expert advice of the famous player, this glove gives enough support for a young adult to learn and catch the ball without any problems. This is an awesome glove made of high-quality material and sturdy lacing to give a safe and reliable cover for a catcher.

To know the glove’s features in detail, keep on reading the following paragraphs.

Prominent Features

Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove

The Design and Structure

The overall design of the glove reflects a praying mantis design that facilitates the catcher to grasp the ball in an easy way. It has got a 32-inch circumference to provide maximum area for catching the ball conveniently. The webbing is of spiral lock web style ensuring a strong and secure area that will help in grasping the ball quickly, without losing control over it.


The glove is available in both orientations, which are the left-hand throw mitt and the right-hand throw mitt.

Deep Pocket

Due to the structure and the closed pocket design, the glove provides a perfect deep pocket to retain the ball in a safe manner so that the catcher will never lose control over it till it safely thrown to the next base.

Grasp Clasp System

The glove has got open back grasp clasp wrist structure that enables the user to put on the glove in a quick and easy way and gives a snug fit to the hand so that the players can play confidently.


The glove has been made by high-quality extra light Akadema leather on the back. Whereas the pocket has got steer hide material and the lacing is done in gray with the help of rawhide materials.


Safety and Reliability

  • Due to the fact, the glove comes with stress wedge technology, extra padding and additional finger hammocks for safe and secure catching experience, the glove can be considered to have all features a catcher may need while playing baseball. You can rely on the safety and shock absorbing qualities as it would not let you down.

Fits to the Basic Needs

  • The mitt fits to all the basic needs of a catcher as having a deep pocket, quick grasp and closure and easy design for throwing the ball quickly.


  • It is durable and is made up of light weight leather to ensure that the glove will not get damaged soon.

Quick and Easy Glove to Hand Transition

  • The glove has got a wide circumference and deep pocket that makes it sure that the player can easily transition the ball from glove to hand without any delay and hence can throw it quickly to the next base.


A few issues that have been reported by the users are:

The sizing can be the issues as it has been considered as a youth glove, but it is for young adults and not for younger players and also not for adults only. So, there can be a confusion regarding the size.

Another issue which is there is the quality of the leather, as some users say it is not of high grade or extra high quality and you may not expect it to last for a very long time. Though it also depends on the usage.

Customer Reviews

The glove has been attributed as one of the best gloves having a well-designed structure and quality materials. It has also been considered as the most reasonable, quality mitt for catchers who need a safe and secure glove for a confident play.

One of the customers also has stated that there is no other mitt like the Akadema AGC98 that comes within this price range and offers such beneficial features.

All in all, the glove offers extraordinary support and safety for the catchers who need a sting free ball catching experience. It ensures quick and easy closure to make you feel confident while catching the ball. For young adults, this mitt could be the best to learn the baseball tactics like a pro.

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