Rawlings Playmaker Series 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove Review

Rawling Playmaker series is a series of well designed and comfortable baseball gloves that serve as the best fit gloves for young players aged 7-12 years old. These gloves are specifically made to fulfill the needs of young players to play confidently while on the ground.





The gloves are designed in a way that gives maximum support and cover and proves to be stable in the hand without any issues. The prominent features of these gloves are discussed below, which will help you understand its uses and benefits in a better way.

Important Features:

Rawlings Playmaker Series 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove (PM120BT)

The Material

The material that is used to manufacture this awesome glove is leather, though not pure, but its great to have a quality leather glove for your kid which promises to give comfort and performance at the same time. The laces and the whole structure is made of the high-quality material that lasts for a long time without wear and tear issues.

Fitting and Comfort

The fitting and comfort are perfect in this 12-inch design. The outer glove surface is easy to clean and smooth while the inner lining is layered with faux fur. This makes the glove even more comfortable and easy for kids and they will not feel tired while wearing it, no matter for how long they are wearing it.


It is said to be fit for older kids like for 9-12 years old. But usually not good for kids younger than 7 or 8 and older than 11 as kids hands may vary in sizes. You must be careful in getting the appropriate glove for your kid in order to keep them easy and relaxed while playing.


The glove is capable of providing high-quality performance while in hand. It has got a perfect fit design and sufficient grasp, giving the user a great grip on the ball.


The orientation of the glove is right handed throw while it is also available for the left handed throw. Left handed throw is for right handed people, while right-handed throw glove is perfect for left-handed people. You must choose according to the individual needs of your kids.


Quick and Strong Velcro Grasp Tape

  • Quick fastening Velcro tape makes it sure that the glove is fitted perfectly with the hand.

Long Lasting Performance

  • Due to the high-quality material the glove promises a long lasting performance.

Light Weight

  • The glove is lightweight and easy to put on, which enhances the overall performance and working with the glove.

Reasonably Priced

  • The glove is reasonably priced and provides maximum quality features without any extra cost.


  • The glove doesn’t fit for kids having bigger hand size. Basically, it is designed for 9-12 years old kids, but it is better to be used for 8-10 years old kids with an average hand size.
Customer Response

Customers who have bought this glove have shared their experiences in a tremendous way. They have termed this glove as a remarkable product for kids aged 9-10 years, but according to some buyers, it may not be good for kids having bigger hands or for those who are older than 11 or 12 years.

Overall, the glove is a great product for the kids who want to play with baseball to gain more confidence and experience a quality game. It is easy to break in and requires no extra effort on the part of the user and will be ready to use when it is purchased. This is a great accessory for kids as a comfortable and snug fit glove.

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