Wilson Baseball Gloves A2000 DP15 Fielder’s – Men’s Review

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove is a model of baseball glove that is designed from world famous leather i.e. the pro stock leather and has the best quality. It is highly durable and has a long time span. Amazingly, this glove is identical to Dustin Peoria’s tweaks and custom specifications, and these tweaks include rolled welting, low profile heel, flared shape, H-wen, and extra-long laces





It has been made after being compared to most A2000 models and therefore, it possesses its qualities and is a reliable product to go for. It has many features that will describe it the best and the benefits that it offers make it more demandable. Along with that, it also has some disadvantages, but if proper care is taken on the part of users, then it can be a very good product to go for.

Wilson A2000 DP15 Fielder's Glove - Men's

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As it is a baseball glove so, the basic feature or the basic function that it serves is that it is worn while playing baseball and is used to catch the ball. Other than that, it has the following features:

  • It runs from the back fingertip, down to the binding and then pre curves the fingers, providing them protection as well as a durable and stable pocket.
  • It is used as a tool that protects the hands while playing baseball.
  • It keeps the hand dry and cool as the ultra-breathable wrist lining transfers moisture from the skin.
  • It is used at the time of playing the game of baseball.
  • It is made of a good quality of leather.
  • It can be used for the right handed throw and also for the left handed throw.


Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove has the following benefits:

  • It provides protection to the hands
  •  It keeps the skin dry and cool
  •  It is available for both the hands
  • It can also be used for playing a game similar to baseball
  • It not only protects the hand but also provides comfort at the time of playing baseball
  • It is available in 2-3 different colors so that the customer can choose from the available ones
  • It is very light weighted and easy to carry.


  • Sometimes, the color of the glove remains on the palm
  • The color may get faded in the sun
  • It may wear out with the passage of time

The leather that is used in its manufacturing is although of good quality but may develop fungus due to excess moisture

The size may get loosened if worn by people with hands of variable sizes

User Guide Product

This is a right handed glove that is used to wear in the hand when a person is playing the game of baseball. The laces perforated on its surfaces can be loosened up at the time of putting on the glove and then tightened up when it has been put on the hand. After wearing it, one can feel the comfort as well as the easy grip, and at the same time, the hands remain protected from the heat, sunrays, water, being hurt, or pain at the time of playing the game. It should be kept away from excess moisture or else it can develop fungus on the outer as well as the inner surface. To keep it in the proper condition, it should be oiled from time to time and kept away from moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to buy Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove?

From Amazon

When will it get shipped?

in 6-7 working days

What is the estimated date of delivery?

If two-day shipping is chosen at the checkout, then it will be delivered by Friday, May 20

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping is free of cost

Is the product washable?


What is the warranty period?

One year

What is the return policy?

10 days easy return policy

So, if one wants to buy the Wilson A2000 baseball glove, then one can easily get it from amazon.com as it serves its customers the best and the kind of product that is shown is sold to the customers and in the correct shape and pristine condition. Also, the product gets shipped within the estimated time of delivery and the delivery takes only 6-7 working days.

If one orders the two-day shipping, then it will get shipped in two days, without any extra charges. The material that it is made up of is durable and long lasting. Although the warranty period is for one year but according to the customers’ review, it can be used up to four years easily. It provides protection to the hands at the time of playing baseball and keeps the skin cool and dry.

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