Mizuno GPL1200Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, Right Hand Throw Review

Mizuno youth Prospect ball glove confers to all of the highest quality standards to provide easy and comfortable baseball gloves for youngsters. They are well designed and easy to break in, so that young kids can start using it from the time they have it on their hands.





 They are sturdy, well supported and are made to serve at best. The materials used in the gloves supports a long lasting performance with softballs and tend to maintain the overall shape and appearance.

Mizuno GPL1200Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 12-Inch, Right Hand Throw

They are sturdy, well supported and are made to serve at best. The materials used in the gloves supports a long lasting performance with softballs and tend to maintain the overall shape and appearance.

Based on its high-quality performance and easy usage, we can find its prominent features as follows:

The Design

The design and the structure of the glove have been made perfect for kids who want to lay worry free and need a good glove on their hand. It has a closed basket webbing and a deep pocket to play and catch without losing control over the ball, either fast or slow.

Heel Flex Technology

It is 12 inches right handed throw glove. For the sake of keeping the hands safe from getting injured or hurt while playing with hard or softballs, the glove has a patent pending heel flex technology, which has been incorporated to provide maximum support to the palm and enough padding to absorb the shock and keep the palm safe. This has made the glove even better for the kids.

Fitting and Closure

The glove has a power close design that helps the user, to fit in the hand and give a quick fit and closure around the wrist to make sure the glove will stay firm while playing on the ground in an active manner.


The overall material used in the making of the glove is sturdy, the last longer than an average glove and is very easy to maintain.

Break-in Time

Break-in time is no issue here, you may have to break in for the first time with some effort, or use a machine to make it as soft as you need, but it is just a mere treatment you will need to give it to the glove and there is nothing required afterward.

Sturdy and Supportive

Due to the heel flex technology and power close grip of the glove, it is capable of giving a sturdy support to the hand, making the user able to catch the ball confidently.

Power Closure To Catch Perfectly

The glove has been designed to improve the catching capability of the user, with the help of a deep pocket design and enough padding on the palm,the glove also has a power closer feature to make sure the catcher can quickly grasp the ball and will never have to lose it.


It is durable and may last for a relatively long time if used with a softball or occasionally with a hard ball.

Reasonable Cost

The cost is very reasonable and you will get a high-quality youth glove for a reasonable cost.


Some of the best things you can experience with the is the Youth prospect ball glove:

​Improves Performance

  • Due to the fact the glove has been designed to give maximum support to the hand, and enough pocketing and padding on the palm to provide a good catching facility, it ensures to give your kid an improved performance and support for a better play

​Provides Safety

  • The glove promises enough safety in the presence of its patent-pending technology called heel flex. It is based on an extra padding and shock proof design on the heel of the glove which gives a perfect cover to protect the hand from getting hurt due to fastballs.

​Enhances Confidence

  • While providing support, safety and power to play like a pro, the glove helps in improving the overall confidence of the player.

Gives Perfect Fit​

  • The glove has been designed to give a perfect fit for youth players. It has a power close grip on the hand, which keeps the gloves fit on the hand.

​Lightweight and Easy to Break In

  • The glove is very easy to break in and is very light weight so your kid will become used to it very quickly and can start using it with no extra efforts or long break-in periods.


  • The glove has a little weak side, as it is not fit for professional hardball games and cannot be used for a long time if you have regular games.
Customers Response:

Customers have responded to its tremendous feature very generously have termed this glove has a blessing for the kids aged 9-12 years.

One of the customers has termed this glove as the best he could get for the money. Others have stated and told stories about their repeated purchases of the product and a dear glove for their kids.

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Concluding our discussion about the Youth prospect ball glove, we can say that is is a good and safe glove to provide your kids with a level of safety and confidence that they need during their baseball match. You must not hesitate to let your kid use the best and perfectly designed the glove that will improve the kid’s confidence level to play better.

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