What You Should Know About The Best Youth Baseball Gloves

A best youth baseball glove sometimes referred to as a baseball mitt is a glove often made of leather and used by baseball players to catch the ball hit by their other players to defend their team. A best youth baseball glove should be crafted from the best and recommended material, be of the suitable size and weight.'

The Best Youth Baseball Gloves Reviews

By convention, the best youth baseball glove is described by the handedness of the intended user, rather than the hand of the user. That is a glove that is worn on the left hand used by a right-handed thrower is called a "right-hand throw" (RHT) glove. Conversely, a left-handed thrower wears a right-handed glove and is referred to as a "left-hand throw" (LHT) which fits on the right hand making it easy for the baseball player to use his/her left hand to throw the ball.

My Picks The Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Finding one of the best baseball gloves for kids is definitely a matter that needs your attention and care for the best choice. Not mentioning all the general rules and features that you need to know before you buy a glove for an adult, we will be totally focusing on the needs and important things that are very crucial for your kid’s game and safety.

So let’s begin with the best youth baseball gloves that you can find on the market and we’ll then continue on to the details you will have to focus on.

Top Mistakes In Youth Baseball Glove Selection

1. Buying Too Big or Large Gloves

It is important to buy fitting gloves as we have already discussed how the size of gloves works for different age sets.It saves a great deal for the future unplanned purchases and ensures comfortability with the baseball player during the game.

Big gloves also may expose the youth to injuries during the game, and thus it is highly advisable to purchase gloves your size and in consideration with other features.

2. Poorly Constructed Gloves

Gravely designed gloves is just yet a shortcoming to your future games especially if you are looking forward to a tournament. You may need to be more keen about how your gloves are being constructed; this can as well be a precaution for you might get hurt while using improper gloves.

3. A Glove That Is Too Stiff

A stiff glove means it's hard for it to be broken.More often we recommend a glove made of treated leather as it is easier to be broken.Sometimes the leather gloves are pre-broken, or at times you will need to break them by yourself by some ways like for instance using a professional steamer.When this breaking is done then the glove is ready and just right for use.

The Best Youth Baseball Gloves Review of 2019-2020

1. Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove

All that your kids need is a comfortable, safe, supportive, well-fitting, and lightweight glove while playing. So this A500 game soft youth glove by Wilson has been designed to give all the benefits as a comfortable glove for your kid.

The best thing about the glove is that its perfect 10.75 inch is best to be used in all conditions and positions, no matter whether you are an outfielder or are standing in an infield position. You can buy this one and don’t have to worry about buying separate gloves for playing in alternating positions on the baseball field.

Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove

The other good thing about it is its soft grain leather, that makes it very easy to use without needing any break-in time that you will have to take if you buy a pure leather glove. The gloves come with an H-web design and double palm and dual welting structure to give maximum support to the pocket.

It has a cat web style glove with real leather laces so that the glove will last longer with a durable finish and an easy grip with a well-supported pocket. It also comes with a choice of right and left handed options.

2. Rawlings Players Series 9-inch Youth Baseball Glove

When kids start to learn and play the base-level baseball game, they need a safe and easy-to-use accessory like this Rawlings 9 inch youth baseball glove. It is not like the actual leather gloves, rather it is a kids training glove that has a basket web structure and gives sufficient support to the palm and the fingers.

Rawlings Players Series 9-inch Youth Baseball Glove (PL90PB)

It has a conventional open back and is best for kids who are about 4–7 years old. Also, its perfect structure and colorful design give the kids the best glove appearance that will boost their confidence. The gloves come with a choice of left-hand throw or a right-hand throw, depending upon what your kid’s needs are.

3. Rawlings Renegade 11.5-inch Youth First Baseman's Mitt

This one is from the Rawlings renegade series. It is an 11.5-inch glove that is suitable for young players who are playing as the first baseman. It is a right-hand throw model that makes a perfect fit for those who are right-handed throwers. The gloves in this series are designed to give adequate support and comfort with an excellent structure based interior and the exterior.

The inner lining is soft and the palm is supported by extra padding to reduce the discomfort caused by hard balls. The overall structure is made with a double bar design, using speed trap technology that is an excellent feature for the first baseman position.

Rawlings Renegade 11.5-inch Youth First Baseman's Mitt, Right-Hand Throw (R115FBR)

The glove is made of full grain leather that is decorated to give a smooth finish with the help of oil tanned surface. It comes as 80% broken-in by the manufacturer and hence will take no time for your kid to break in the rest of the way for a soft glove and easy experience.

4. Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Mizuno is a great baseball glove manufacturer, especially for beginners. The best feature on this glove is the Mizuno trademarked "Power Close" technology. This technology has hinge-like features on the glove so it can open and close quickly and easily. Other Mizuno trademarked techniques in this glove are their Sure Fit foam finger slots, Para-Flex Palm designs, and Para Shock, which all provide comfort, protection, and a snug fit to your hand, meaning you can catch any fast and hard balls without the sting.

Rawlings Renegade 11.5-inch Youth First Baseman's Mitt, Right-Hand Throw (R115FBR)

5. Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

The Rawlings Play maker was designed to be already broken in. Made with a sturdy basket weave webbing pattern; this full grain leather glove is incredibly durable, flexible, and easy to open and close to secure the ball. To enhance its already snug fit; the Rawlings Play maker glove has an adjustable Velcro wrist strap that helps keep the glove in place while playing. The wrist strap also provides support on your wrist to avoid any potential injuries.

Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

6. Louisville Slugger FG Omaha Select Baseball Infielders Gloves

This Louisville Slugger Omaha baseball glove is designed for young right handed players. Despite its large size at 12 inches, it is very lightweight, so it is comfortable to wear the entirety of the game. With a flexible heel, it fits properly and snug, plus, it provides support for your wrist to avoid any unwanted injuries. Treated with oils and conditioner; this cowhide leather glove is durable and ready to use upon purchase.

Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

Factors to Give First Consideration When Choosing the Best Youth Baseball Glove

The baseball gloves differ in their features such as glove's build, its material, and its size. These distinguish it from others. These features also help you choose which glove is the best for your game, and your budget. Below are features, best described so that you are aware of what to look for when you want the best youth baseball glove;

Why Is Worry About Getting The Best Youth Baseball Gloves?

A baseball glove is a key essential for a baseball player. It is quite obvious that no one can play a baseball game without having an appropriate glove. In order to get the best results, you need to choose one of the best baseball gloves for your kids. Here are a few reasons you should consider:

  • The first reason is your kid’s safety. Always make sure you have a durable glove for your kid’s safety and to ensure that your kid will have no discomfort or injuries while playing in the field.
  • The next reason is to play and perform better. When you have got the best baseball glove, you kid will be able to perform better and to give his or her best performance if they have the right glove that fits perfectly in his/her hand and is appropriate for the position in the field.

What Features To Look For?

In order to buy a baseball glove for your kid, you will need to focus on the basic features that will allow your kid to play easily and at his best. So, here are the basic features you will have to focus on:

The Size of Youth Baseball Gloves and Adjustment Option

It is important to note that the baseball gloves come in different sizes and to be undoubtedly conscious no one size fits all youth. This basically means that size is equally vital when you are looking for the best glove that will insulate you from discomforts when playing.The position you use to play baseball is also a key consideration when buying the gloves as it will guide you know which sided glove would you need.

In most cases the baseball gloves are measured using inches except for the catcher's mitt which its design differs slightly; measurement is given by its circumference.

The first thing is to have a glove that is the perfect size. The better they fit, the better the results. Also, if the gloves you have got have can be adjusted and give a snug fit, it will be better.

Youth Baseball Glove Sizing Chart by Position



First Base

Second Base/

Short Stop

Third Base



Under 7





















Over 14







Which Glove Suits Your Position

You are an outfield position player then you will be required to be acquainted with the following knowledge about the gloves you will need;

  • Field baseball gloves are larger and longer
  • Outfield gloves have deep pockets to trap the baseball
  • The gloves have open webbing to allow outfielders to see through the glove

Infielders should look for baseball gloves in consideration to these features;

  • They have shallow pockets to allow for retrieval of the ball, secure and fast catches.
  • They are smaller for added speed and flexibility

First base mitts also would want to look for the following features when finding a glove;

  • The gloves are typically fingerless with less padding and a defined web
  • They have open webbings and shallow pockets to let the baseman retrieve the ball from the glove quickly

The pitchers gloves should entail the following;

  • ​They use a closed web
  • The glove size and pocket depth significantly range and personal preference and comfort is entitled

The catchers mitts is yet another field position that a baseman should look for a glove suiting this outlined features;

  • They have closed webbing for fast snaps and support
  • They are smaller and have shallower pockets for fast transfers
  • They have a bulky look due to the fingerless construction and heavy or rather thick padding

The Material of Youth Baseball Gloves

Considering the material of your baseball glove before purchase is so vital; this enables one take home a glove that is easy to be broken or is already broken. Treated leather is highly recommended, but this doesn't put you on par with other gloves crafted from other materials.

You may find that purchasing the best gloves crafted out of pure leather can be almost expensive compared to other materials, but then it's always worth it as they are even flexible to play on. Many basemen find it comfortable using the gloves made of treated leather. Although the gloves have a variety of base materials that is there are those made of synthetic, composite or treated leather. Finding those from genuine leather will be signing a good deal for you as a player.

Always make sure you have the best material for your kid’s glove. There are various materials that are used in making kids’ baseball gloves like cowhide, pigskin, and synthetic, or full-grain leather material. Cowhide is the best, but today the most popular one is the synthetic material, due to its light weight, affordability, and easy break-in time.


Always find a durable glove or a pair of gloves that will last for quite some time. This will make sure that your kid can use the gloves without getting hurt accidentally.

How Best Can You Break a Baseball Glove?

A new glove can be hard to use it because it is still stiff; sometimes they do break naturally, but this takes some time till you got to use them comfortably. Fortunately, there are ways of breaking the baseball gloves and make them ready for use almost instantly,

Most of the pure leather gloves are hard to break in. So, if you are buying a pair of gloves for your kid, you’ll need to see how soft it is and how much time it requires to break-in for the first time use. You can find gloves that come as 80-90 broken-in from the factory. Such gloves are best for the kids.

The Weight of the Baseball Glove

Weight should always be considered when wanting to purchase a youth baseball glove as some gloves may contain weight that is too uncomfortable for the players. The material used to craft the glove becomes essential as a softer material has a high likelihood of being lighter. A heavy material-glove will be an uphill task for children to work with for hours.

You will require getting a material that uses premier material as this will have some weight in it and thus the players will have comfort using them,

Lightweight gloves are always a good choice for your kids. This will help kids to feel easy while playing.

Steaming The Glove

This process enhances remission of the glove and makes it easy to play with. This makes the gloves available for use during the game. This technique is good and will require a recommended conditioner, and some heat for steaming. This then will be necessary to take place in order to have your glove broken;

Applying the conditioning oil on the glove to facilitates opening of the pores in the leather. This will take some minutes to soak so don't be in a rush

Steaming the glove to approximately 150 degrees Celsius.

Work the glove manually using a mallet

Applying Conditioning Oil For Softening

Here you will be required to purchase a conditioning as suggested by your glove developer as there are specific oils that can be used and not just any. These oils will help the glove soften and become easy to use. When using oils it is highly advisable to stick to the recommended ones and also to avoid overdoing in order to get a perfect end result. This is what you will do;

  • Don't over apply oils. A little goes a long way.
  • Use only manufacturer recommended oils and conditioners
  • Do not use products that are not approved for use with leather or any that are known to dry out materials.
  • Apply a light layer of the conditioning oil on the glove and allow it to sit in the sunlight for some time till the oils are well absorbed.
  • Close your ball in the gloves and wrap it using bands, then allow to sit in a dark area for a day or more. This area should be dry and with less to no destruction.
Pounding Using A Mallet

Desiring to achieve a deeper pocket then hit the glove near the webbing. You can have more beats around the thumb and pocket of the glove. This will help soften the leather a bit. Just don't over-do it. You can as well fold the glove into half and let the thumb be on top and pound it with the mallet to achieve your preferred look. This works well with gloves especially if you prefer a deep or shallow pocket.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)
What is the best size of baseball gloves for a kid under 9 years?

For kids under 9 years, the best glove size would be 9 inches-11 inches. Where 9 inches is best for infield position and 11 inches is best for outfielders.

How to measure the size of a baseball glove?

In order to get a perfectly sized glove, we will have to measure from the top of the index finger to the wrist line of your hand. Always use a flexible measuring tape to measure the correct size.

What is a dual welding structure of a baseball glove?

A dual welting means the glove will have a curved finger shape, making the pocket even more stable and safe for the person for a stronger grip while catching the ball.


So, we can say that if you have to buy the best baseball gloves for your kids, you will have to focus on its durability, comfort, and sizing, so that your kid can play safely and easily without worrying about any issues that may come with a wrong sized glove. It will help your kid perform better and give his/her best performance in the field. Never rely on low-quality materials, as it will compromise your kid’s safety and may ruin his/her confidence while playing on the baseball field. Get the best for your kid and make him feel confident.

In order for you to make fun of your baseball game then consider all the factors as discussed from size to material and the position you use to play. These help a great deal and is there to ensure you having perfect moments during the game and even easier to grip the baseball.

As a youth baseball player then no doubt you will need absolute comfort during the game. Amuse other players as well by how well you do it using the best youth baseball gloves.

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