Insider Tips On How To Throw A Baseball Faster?

Many players, who are improving themselves in the baseball game, ask ‘How to Throw a Baseball Faster?’ and it is a dream come true. In fact, for any pitcher in a baseball game, absorbing to toss the baseball faster will help them in improving their efficiency to a great extent. For a great pitcher, the only requirement is not just increasing the speed.

 But, it is, of course, one among the important techniques to learn. In short, not just speed, great mechanics can convert you into a great pitcher in a baseball game. I welcome you to this page, where I share some useful insider tips on improving your pitching speed in a baseball game:

Improve Form to Improve Speed:

The first and foremost thing you will have to do is to improve your form. This will help to a great extent in improving your speed. Here are some tips to help you in this regard:

Throw Moderately With a Partner:

As and when you begin a practice session, you should not immediately aim at faster pitching. But, just have a friend as your partner and start throwing the ball gently. It will help you with warming up your body. When warming up, pay more attention to your throwing arm. When you throw very fast at the very start of the practice session, you will get tired soon. 

Also, it will increase the chances of injury. My suggestion is that you should warm up for about 5-10 minutes initially. You can practice gentle stretching, simple throwing, and light catch before attempting to toss fast. Warming up will help with loosening your muscles. Remember that this elasticity is something important to unlock your most efficient throws possible.

Use Your Full Body:

If you wish to bring supremacy into your tosses, you should use your entire body as against your arms alone. Do you know that your power originates from your limbs? This is a saying, and it is partially true and partially false.

This means that it is true that your legs can generate a huge power, but they will just help you throw if you can transmit the power generated by your legs to the upper part of your body. This is why when you talk to powerful throwers they will tell the importance of using the whole body to achieve the best possible throws. This is how you should do this:

  • Just place your foot ahead of your body
  • Position your shoulders aligned with the target
  • Carry the ball behind you.
  • Just push the back foot away when you begin to throw.
  • Revolve your shoulders and hips headed for the target.
  • As the ball passes your head, just release it from your hand.
  • Finally, follow through with your back foot and shoulders in the verge of releasing the ball.

Place Yourself In a Sturdy, Sporty Position:

You might obviously be aware of the fundamentals of throwing. But, when you pay attention to smaller details, you will get things right. Even, following them in the right manner will help you make the throw powerful as well. The normal point of beginning is your posture. You might have seen a tennis player preparing to serve. You should maintain the same posture when you prepare to throw the ball. To get utmost power, you should ensure the following things:

  • Your hands should be in the center of your body as if they are ready to move.
  • Remember that your knees should be slightly bent once you are ready to release the ball.
  • Check whether the feet are light and this will help with balancing close to the spheres of your feet.
  • More than anything else, it is important to check whether your back and spine are straight.

Take a Big Step Using The Left Foot:

If you are a right-handed thrower, you should use your left foot. When your joints come up, the arm that throws will remain bowed at the elbow with the ball close to your chest. When your leg moves forward, you will begin to bring your arm back.

  • When you place your foot on the ground, your arm will move forward. Now, your aim should be to have your hand raised right behind your head and elbow at 90 degrees.
  • Experts are of the opinion that this move is crucial for powerful throwing as compared to the actual tossing movement.
  • This is similarly factual for an outfielder making a move to throw the ball to an individual infield.

Cast Off the Back Foot and Start Sspinning Your Hips:

This is the stage at which you will get real power as the answer to your question how to throw a baseball faster. As you move forward with the front foot, the other foot at the back pushes you onward. As the ball gets near your head, your hips are moving in the direction of the target, and at the same instance, the arm that throws the ball also moves your body around.

Raise Your Hand When Front Foot Reaches the Ground:

As you are looking for powerful tosses, timing this step is something highly essential. As you reach the ground on the foot, your elbow should be raised behind you. You should be able to find it in 900 angles with the ball on the top of your head. You should practice getting to this position as soon as your foot reaches the ground.

Release the Ball:

When your hand comes on the top of your head and frees the ball from your palm, you should make sure that your throwing arm and also your back leg continues to move. As you have been rotating, they will move crossways your body once you allow the ball to go.

To Get Addition Control On the Release:

When the ball moves from your hand, you should snap your fingers and wrist down. To get additional control at the time of releasing the ball, you should stabilize the ball as it moves via the air. Each time you get hold of the ball, pay attention to identifying the laces swiftly before throwing the ball back.

Keep the Muscles Relaxed:

When you are trying to throw the ball fast, it is important that you should keep your muscles relaxed. Otherwise, it can lead to injuries. When it comes to speed throwing mechanics has a great role to play as compared to strength. When your body is relaxed, and your arms are loose, they will easily transfer energy as compared to stiff muscles and arms. You can do the following to achieve this:

Consider your body as a slingshot. You know how much difficult it is to shoot a rigid sling. On the flip side, a flexible band can be released quickly.

Imagine Power Moving Up From Your Feet:

When you move from the ground, your body will be in motion, isn’t? It is something similar to that of a waterfall. Do you know that that power of the water does not come from the upper portion of the waterfall? It is decided on the basis of the entire distance traveled by the water. Likewise, the power begins to flow from your feet. But, whole body rotation is also important. Particularly, you should rotate the torso and hips for transmitting the energy into the motion of tossing the ball. To improve your throw, besides paying attention to your hips, you can do the following things:

  1. Just do a video recording of your throwing action. Have a close look at the video to find the points at which you are weak or jerky.
  2. Check whether your body naturally follows the pitch, thereby spinning you in such a way that your back leg moves near the face of your placed leg.
  3. Make sure that the muscles are loose. Do not try hard and do as much as you can alone in a single day. As trying harder will not help, you should know how to practice in the right manner to find the best answer to the questions how to throw a baseball faster.

Arm Strength Building:

Another excellent method you can follow apart from the steps given above is to take steps to improve your arm strength. You can get help from fitness trainers, who will suggest you exercises that will help in this regard. A healthy and fit arm can force the ball into action, thereby making your throws faster in baseball pitching. You can take up strength training courses that will help with improving arm strength.


Baseball is the most popular game. You know successful throwers in this game. Just watch their throws as much as possible. Just mimic their actions and with regular practice, but without stressing your body too much, you can get the best results. With these insider tips on how to throw a baseball faster, you can achieve the best outcomes in your aim of becoming a faster pitcher.

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