What Do You Want To Know About Baseball Throwing Drills For 8-Year Olds?

Most parents search for the best baseball throwing drills for 8 year olds as they wish to get the best drill for their son. Do you know the reason? Yes, your guess is right when they train their child from this age group, he will become a better player in the future. Even, some parents are too early to search for the best baseball drills for 6 and 7 year olds

This is because of the interest was shown by the child towards the sport. If you are looking for the right drill, irrespective of the age group of your child, you should be aware of certain things. I am here to share such information that I feel necessary and helpful in selecting the right drill for your son.

What Will You Need To Choose The Best Baseball Throwing Drills For 8-Year-Olds?

  • A fundamental understanding of baseball drill
  • Plan to shop for a baseball drill
  • An understanding of different types of drills

A Fundamental Understanding Of Baseball Throwing Drills For 8 Year Olds:

You should remember that the baseball drills can turn out to be repetitious if you are not careful. You should try to convert your baseball drills into fun-filled games in whatever places as possible to make them enjoyable. Children love competition, and they are attracted to drills that involve a whole lot of competition. Besides enjoying, kids will also work harder at improving their skill levels with such a drill in place.

It is true that competition is good at the instance of baseball drills. But, it should also be remembered that games of elimination are not. If a winner has to be determined, it is better to track the points with the help of a scoring system in place.

Know about Baseball Throwing Drills

Use of space is another aspect of some drills. There are benefits associated with using lesser space on the baseball field during practice sessions. Unless there is a specific interest in tossing for distance in a drill, it is better to work on throwing when the kids play catches. Similar to answers to the question how to throw a baseball faster, you can also find the answer to the question how to throw the ball rightly through the best sources online.

  • It is simpler to converse and coach the children when they are close to you.
  • It is simpler to get more representatives in if the children do not have to make longer throws.
  • Repeatedly, children will be in a position to perform better when the distance involved is lesser.

Types of Drills:

In general, the baseball drills are classified under two broad categories, and they are offensive baseball drills and the second is defensive baseball drills.

Offensive Drills:

  • Base running drills
  • Bunting drills
  • Hitting drills

Defensive Baseball Drills:

  • Team drills
  • Throwing and catching drills
  • Outfield drills
  • Catcher drills
  • Infield drills
  • Pitcher drills.

If you are looking for the best baseball throwing drills for 8 year olds, here is some information that will come handy to you.

There are different opinions on what 8 year old children should be playing. Most parents have questions as to whether kids should start pitching at this age. Otherwise, should another year of the pitch from coach or pitch from a machine help them become better players? Many leagues have gone to a combination of both pitches from the coach and from kids. I feel that most 8-year children will benefit from one more year of the pitch from the coach. Once the pitch from kids begins, there will be a huge gap of success among players.

There are examples of many 8-year old kids, who have not had anyone to work with them for pitching the ball. This is why some become advanced hitters with a better experience than other players. Due to a couple of different skill levels, the baseball throwing drills for 8 year olds turns out to be tough. At this stage, some children will find it hard to make the difference, and so they drop out themselves from baseball. This is why a combination of kid pitch followed by coach pitch is a good idea.

Baseball Tip Playing Up:

If you find that your 8-year old son is throwing and also hitting the baseball at a better level, you can move him to play with 9-year olds. Also, he can be made to play against kid pitch. Even, some children move to play in a 9-year old team when they are just 7 years. The reason is that they are advanced for their age group and they enjoy playing with kids, who throw and catch the baseball.

Such a child will also look for hitting kid pitch. These kids take the whole experience as a good challenge. But, this does not work for all kids. Each one of them is different, and they have their uniqueness and areas of interests. When your son is at the age of 7 or 8, it is better to identify a team for himself.

Baseball Drills For 8-Year Old:

In the case of 8-year old children, who have been playing machine or coach pitch for so long, then adding a few more helpful drills will surely help. In case, this is the second or third year of the machine pitch or coach pitch; you can just throw batting practice by doing soft tosses. This type of tosses will help you observe the swings made by the child, such that the required adjustments can be done.

Throwing By 8-Year Olds:

When your child reaches 8-year, throwing should automatically come. Some kids are capable enough to throw from shortstop. They can do this until the initial base. On the other hand, other kids can walk through from the second to the initial base. The tosses should be fairly close initially and the baseball throwing drills for 8 year olds is something about just getting the ball close.

Know about Baseball Throwing Drills for 8-year-olds?

Warm Up Drills:

It is always important to instruct the boys to warm up before they start playing the sport. They should warm up their arms by playing catches. During the warm up session, appropriate adjustments can be made to their throwing motion.

Children should be stepping towards the direction that they want to throw. They should be made to extend their arms back behind their body and then should be following once they throw the ball. It is better to begin them out close together, and they should be kept moving apart until they reach their utmost throwing distance. With each practice session, it will be possible to see improvement in the distance. Initially, the baseball throwing drills for 8 year olds will be rough, but there is nothing to lose hope. The reason is that improvement is not far away.

Fielding Drills:

Apart from hitting drills at 8-year olds, it is also important to begin fielding drills. It is true that 8-year old kids will not be prepared to field with runners engaged. However, it will take place in games, such that runners can be introduced in the fielding drills after some practice sessions. To do the same, you should position fielders at every infield site and should hit them ground balls. This is the right age to begin teaching them with force at the second and the following base.

In other words, kids should be taught when they have to tag a runner and when they just have to stand up on the base. Once, they get an understanding of the rule of force out, and once they start improving at fielding and throwing, it is better to begin working on double plays. It is understandable; they still work hard to get outs initially.

But, they should be shown that there are much more to learn and they need to keep working hard to learn all the techniques involved. Moreover, with a team of 8-year olds, you will be playing with your best fielders on the field. So, flying ball drills is not safe as it can be shaky. This means that you should work on the outfield on getting the baseball and throwing it back to the infield.

Base Running Drills:

Running the bases is yet another field to work with 8-year old children. At this age, they should run through the first base without any stoppage on the bag. They should be taught to watch carefully and listen to the initial base coach. Then, the coach should start training them to move to the second base and should keep the children watchful at this stage. Once they reach the second base, they should be motivated towards the third one.


With the guidelines mentioned above, you now have an idea about baseball throwing drills for 8 year olds. Kids should be provided with the best practice, and they should be rightly motivated by all means to help them reach the goal of the best baseball players. Once they are good at hitting, they should be taught how to throw a baseball faster, and this should also happen slowly and steadily.

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