What Are The Best Youth Baseball Hitting Drills?

“Hitting in baseball is quite a difficult skill to master, as it not only requires concentration but balance and strength as well. Youth baseball hitting drills are the key to master the hitting technique.”

When you are talking about the kids or the young people and looking for the youth baseball hitting drill then instead of looking for exercises first, you will need to let them learn some of the basic skills that are a must for hitting. 

Hitting the ball in baseball will not only lead to tons of runs but if reach to distance it will lead to the home run as well that is always beneficial for the players. It is the hitter in the game who is responsible for the big scores, and if he does not have well hitting techniques, then the things will never go the way they should.

What Are the Best Youth baseball hitting drills

In this article, we are trying to let you know some of the important rules that must be followed by the young kids when they are working on the hitting drills. We will also let you know about some of the basic and important Youth baseball hitting drills that will improve the skills of young kids and allow them to hit harder with all their strength. These practicing drills will help these young aspirants to be a fantastic hitter in the future games.

Now without wasting any time let us move to the next section where we are trying to illustrate few rules that are must for every Youth baseball hitting drills.

Rules To Be Followed For The Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

In this section we are mainly focused on the: “Balance maintenance, concentrating on the ball and looking how the hand is working.”

Yes, these three are the ground rules that have been elaborated as follow:

  1. While you are learning about how to hit harder, you must have learned about the fact that your body should be balanced on your foot and your shoulder should not be aligned. This rule was all about making a balance that will allow the hitter to hit harder without losing the momentum. We are talking about the balance that is possible due to the upper and lower part of the body working together for the hitter to hit. Hence this is the first rule for the Youth baseball hitting drills.
  2. Now the second thing that we have talked about is the concentration on the ball. Yes, the player must be able to see the ball and judge where it will hit the bat. This judgment will allow them to make the perfect angle or the hit and this can only be possible if the hitter can know the pitcher's action. So seeing the ball is all about looking at the pitcher, his hand moments and then judging how the ball will be coming.
  3. The final rule for the Youth baseball hitting drills is, making the right grip and the right angle. They both are entirely dependent on the above two pints yet one thing to be noticed it that how the wrist will be moving and how lightly the grip have been made. More firm the grip will be, weaker the shot will be. Hence don’t hold the bat too tightly that all you’re hitting strength is wasted in holding the bat.
the Best Youth baseball hitting drills

These rules come into action with the help of the practice that is done by kids. Make sure they learn how to make a proper balance, they learn about different grip and swing angles and finally they know about how the pitcher will throw the ball.

Some Basic Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

In the section above you have learned the core concept behind each and every drill. Now we will be focusing on the some of the basic exercises and how they work in improving the hitting of the player. One can take a look at the points stated below for understanding these drills:

1. Coil

This drill is focused on telling the players about the action of the pitchers and letting them make a grip. There will be no use of ball but only the bat and the hamlet. A glove will be given to the player who is acting as the pitcher, and with the sound of the pitcher, the hitter will hit virtually. This drill aim at knowing how much relaxed the player is while playing, what type of grip and swing he is using and while hitting how is the timing and the body movement of the player.

2. Stride

This drill is about checking how the player is acting after hitting the ball. Well, the procedure is same as the coil drill, and once the coach has simulated the imaginary pitch, the player will coil, stride and then freeze. Once he is frozen, the coach will check about where the body mass is laying, if the hands are still back if the body is in the same alignment or not and if the head is at the same height or not.

3. Hip Rotation

Now that we have checked the grip and the weight balance of the player, it is time to look at the balance of the player. In this drill, the hitter will not swing his bat, but as the imaginary pitch have been introduced by the coach, the hitter will take his regular coil, stride, and then rotate his hips open. The key point is that player think that rotation is about leaning forward toward the pitcher but that will only shift the weight. The things to be noticed in this drill are the hip movement, back movement, shifting of the weight, back foot, stiff front leg and level of the head.

What Are the Best Youth baseball hitting drills?

Well, in the end, there is only one thing that we would like to inculcate, and that is

Youth baseball hitting drills are not just about making big shots; it is about maintaining the balance and learning how to hold the bat first before giving the hit your best shot.”

Once the young players have come to realize the core concepts, they will easily do best with the Youth baseball hitting drills.

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