The Basic Rules of Baseball – Basic Knowledge for Beginners

Have you ever loved a game so much that you would put in all your weekends to enjoy it? Is there enough passion in you to play a perfect streak of baseball? Are you inquisitive enough to know the game of baseball well so that you can score the extra knowledge points in it?

If so this article proves to be the best informative article for you. Your interest in the game of baseball will enhance your knowledge regarding the game rules. It will give you a chance to show off the knowledge of baseball that you have and be a pro at.

Baseball was originated in the 17th century during the time of French clerks who started playing the game with a stick and a normal ball. The furtherance of the game was carry forwarded with the lying interest of the people in the game. As the rage grew for the game of baseball the game was fairly modified by the people.

During the 18th century the game of baseball spread in New York and the became one of the favorites of the people there. The game of baseball was then termed as the ‘National Pastime’ of the people of New York. The Americans loved it as much as they loved their hot dogs.

National Baseball League

The baseball was historically originated in the time of French people in the 17th century. The French clerks came up with the idea of playing the game with a normal stick and ball. The game was further modified in the 18th century when the rage of baseball came into existence. The game of baseball was played by the new Yorkers over the weekends and professionally in the leagues. This led to the development of National Baseball League. The National Baseball League was established when the New Yorkers started enjoying the game.

The game was further modified by the Americans in the 19th century. During these time the game was given a major modification. The players used to play the game of baseball wearing uptight white trouser and white t-shirts. The baseball cap gained the maximum attention from the audience and the baseball fans. The baseball fans started taking up the game seriously. That is how the game further grew into American Baseball League.

The American Baseball League had clashes with the National Baseball League. They had various clashes in order to play the game of baseball fairly well. Then they further signed a pact between them. This is how they got into the game of baseball during the time of baseball rage.

The Equipment’s To Play the Game

The game of baseball is not complicated. The game calls for a bat, a ball, gloves and a helmet. The specialties of the equipment are as followed:

The ball is round in shape and is 9 inches in diameter. The ball perfectly fits the first of the player. The ball of the baseball is white in color and a red thread is woven around the ball. This proves to give a better grip to the player.

The baseball bat is different from the normal bat. The baseball bat is 9 inches in diameter by the base. The base of the baseball bat is rounded by the base and is given a smooth finish. This gives a proper hit to the ball.

The gloves are taken for the security of the catcher who has to take the high-velocity baseball ball. The gloves are weaved around the fingers of the players so that they can catch the ball fairly well. The gloves are worn by the catcher who squats behind the batsman to give a run out.

Then there comes the helmet that gives the players an opportunity to stay safe from the injuries that might happen during the gameplay. The helmets are round in shape to perfectly fit the face of the players. There is web made of metal in front of the face to protect them from the hard thud of the ball.


game of baseball is played

The game of baseball is played easily and is quite simple to take a turn at. The baseball game although involves techniques that need to be worked on by the players. These techniques call in hard work so that the players get used to the positions of the baseball played by them.

The catcher squats down behind the batsman to catch the ball and give the batsman a perfect knockout. The batsman has to hit the ball and leave the bat behind at the home base. The player has to run around the four bases and make it a touch down at the home base.

The pitcher has to take up his leg in the air and throw the ball in a perfect position. The ball pitched in is to be thrown with a frequency so that opposition is given a task to be best at.

The game calls in for nine innings each team. The team consists of nine players each. The field is divided between the inner circle and the outer circle. The diamond shaped field is fielded by four players in the inner circle and three fielders in the outer circle.

Basic Rules of Baseball

Basic Rules of Baseball

In order to make this article fairly informative to the people we have jotted down the basic rules in order to play the game of baseball. The basic rules are given down below:

  • The game of baseball is played between two teams one is called the opposition side and the other is called the defense side.
  • The team consist of nine players each and in order to decide who will bat first a toss takes place between the teams
  • The batter who plays first tries to hit the ball at his nest capacity and take the home run.
  • The perfect score is scored once the four bases are covered by the player and a touchdown is done.
  • The batter is expected to lose the bat at the home run and then he is to run around the field.
  • The pitcher needs to pitch in the ball for the batter in a perfect position so that the ball is thrown perfectly well.
  • He is required to run out the batter or catch out the batter.
  • The catcher squats down behind the batter so that there is arm block and the catcher catches the ball when the batter is not able to hit the ball.
  • The position of the catcher is to be worked on so that the game is played fairly well.
  • The fielder who are four in number in the inner circle has to run out or catch the ball.
  • The ball mostly comes in the inner circle.
  • The teams are called into swap teams once the nine innings are finished. The catch out or run out of three players can even result in swapping the teams as opposition and defense.
  • The team that scores the maximum run wins the game of baseball.

Field Description

The field of the game of baseball is in the shape of a diamond. The field is further divided into the outer circle and the inner circle. The outer circle has three fielders and the inner circle have four fielders. The inner circle is considered as the major part of the field as most of the time the ball hits the inner field.

Baseball Positions

Baseball Positions

There are different positions to play the game of baseball. Baseball have different positions to play in that are listed below:

  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • First base
  • Second base
  • Third base
  • Short stopper
  • Right field
  • Left field
  • Center field

The best position to play the game of baseball is considered to be the catcher and the short stop.

The Uniform

The Uniform of basebal

The uniform of the baseball players is the white trouser tightly fitted with the trunks by the ankles. The hard boots are worn to provide them maximum protection. They wear white and black striped polo t-shirts that are considered the baseball jersey. The caps according known as the baseball caps are worn by them. With the advancements and the introduction of the various teams and various leagues different colors were chosen for the uniform of the baseball players.

In A Nutshell

All in all, baseball is one game that can be played quite easily by the players. The Americans love it because of the ease with which the game is played. The techniques are to be given special focus so that the game is played appropriately.

A baseball game is enjoyed by the Americans with steaming hot dogs. The kids and the adults all of them love the game of baseball and have made it their weekend attraction.

Baseball is a perfect fit for the people who are obsessed and does not involve themselves in any physical activity. Their love for baseball will make them an amazing baseball player and then they can be given the tag of amazing league players. Let's explore it more and provide for the comments for this informative article.

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