How To Master Baseball Rules And Enhance Your Performance?

Baseball should be played as per the Official Baseball Rules (OBR). These rules are to be followed by professional players in US, Canada and other countries. You can find the complete rules published on the website, official baseball rules at

Most of the leagues and amateur associations follow them with few modifications. Baseball is a game played in between two teams. There will be nine players in each team. There will be several umpires who will observe and take quick decisions so that the game will go smoothly.

There Are Four Bases In The Game.

These bases are called home, first, second and third. The infield is meant for general defensive purposes. They will be bounded by foul lines and are present within the grass line. The outfield is the grassed area. It will be beyond the grass line between foul lines. It will be bounded by a wall or fence. The foul territory is the entire area outside the foul lines. You should be aware of the rules and regulations of the game so that the game can be played in a very efficient way.

The Playground baseball


Playing Baseball Efficiently

You should understand rules for how to play baseball so that you will not commit fouls and the game can be played very confidently. The game will be played in an enclosed area.

The field should be prepared as per the instructions. The area of the infield is 90-foot square. The area used by youth leagues will be 60-square foot only. The outfield will be the area between the two foul lines and it is formed by extending the two sides of the square from the home plate.

You should be aware of the other parameters of the field as well. The complete information is available in the Official Baseball Rules.

The ball will be in sphere shape and it is formed by yarn and it will be wound on a core of cork or rubber. The weight of the ball is 5 ¼ ounces and the circumference is 9 ¼ inches.

The bat is a smooth round stick and the diameter should not be more than 2 ¾ inches at the thickest part. The length of the bat should not be more than 42 inches. Most of the bats are made up of 35 inches. Each fielder can use a leather glove. Any defensive player is called a player.

An offensive player will make runs. There will be advances from batter to the runner. The player should touch first, second, third and home bases in the same order. The bases will be in the counter-clockwise direction from the home to the first.

The batter is an offensive player and he takes the position in the batter’s box. he will hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. The pitcher is a fielder who is designated to deliver the pitch to the batter. The pitcher will pitch the ball to the batter and batter will attempt to hit the pitch and he will become the runner.

A pitch is nothing but the ball delivered by the pitcher to the batter. The catcher is a fielder who is positioned in the back of the home base, and he will catch the pitcher’s pitch. He will catch when the batter does not hit the pitch. The runner is the offensive player who will make an advance and will touch or return to any base.

The winning team will score high as per the rules and regulations. The wining team will manage a greater number of runs at the conclusion of the game.

Regulation Game

There will be nine innings in a regulation game. It can be extended because of the tie score. It can be shortened as well when the home does not need half of the ninth inning or only a fraction of it.

If the score is tied after the completion of nine completed innings, the innings will be continued until the visiting team scores more run than the home team. The game will end if the home team scores the winning run in the unfinished inning.


Source: wikipedia

An inning is nothing but a portion of the game. The rules for how to play baseball is present on the official website. Leagues, players and others associated with the game should be aware of the updated rules and regulations so that they will be able to play the game and conduct the game in a very efficient way.

The Scoring Procedure

If a runner makes a legal advancement, he will make one run. The runner should touch first, second, third or home base in this process. The runs will accumulate before three men put out to end the innings. However, there are some exceptions. 

A run will not be scored if a runner advances to the home base and third out is made by the batter runner before he touches the first base. There will not be any score if the runner is being forced out. The other exception is a preceding runner who is declared out because he fails to touch one of the bases.


You should be aware of the basics of the games, additional definitions, and other documentation so that you will be able to play the game very efficiently. Beginners should be aware of the terminology so that they will be able to understand the game by going through live matches or videos. Before playing on an organized team, youth baseball players will watch the game.

The coaches will ensure that players will understand the rules so that they can participate in the game very confidently. Coaches should not assume that players are aware of the rules and regulations. As the team’s performance is influenced by all the players, it is the responsibility of every participant to be aware of the rules, and they should update their knowledge on a regular basis. Hence, players should learn skills as well as rules so that they will flourish in a baseball game without any issues.

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