A Complete Buying Guide For Baseball Gloves For Toddlers

The baseball is a favourite game to many people and in fact it is the national game of United States. The citizens of America love to play and watch this game whenever it is possible. Many of the parents want to make their sons as the great baseball players in future.

That’s why they will send them to the best training center to learn the game and they have more chances to shine in this game. Handling the baseball, throwing the ball or catching the ball is so easy when they use proper gloves. The professional baseball coaches recommend the players to wear only the high quality gloves, which let them to play comfortably.

It is easy to find the gloves for adolescents and teenagers but not for toddlers. The baseball gloves for toddlers are available in different shapes and models. That makes the confusion while buying them because the buyers need to consider various factors. In the upcoming passages, the parents or coaches can find details about the considering factors and top three designs of gloves for toddlers. It would be very helpful to them and those are listed with its pros and cons.

Considering Factors While Buying Baseball Gloves:

The buyers need to be very careful while choosing them because the mismatching gloves may cause some inconvenience while playing the game.

  1. Size: The 9inch youth models are the comfortable gloves for toddlers and its price would be $10 to $60. It uses the soft foam and buying the larger gloves may induce the habit of counter-productive on the field.
  2. Fit: The soft gloves fits best for the kids and it is convenient too. The hand strength is not a major asset while choosing the softer gloves.
  3. Comfort: The small gloves fit better to them but unfortunately that may hurt and cause inconvenience while putting on or removing them from hand. So, it is good to buy the leather gloves which are comfort to wear and remove. Similarly, wearing the batting glove in the fielding hand helps them to manage the gloves easily.
  4. Breaking the gloves: some of the websites provide lot of details about breaking the gloves. Basically, putting the glow in the hot water for few minutes may remove all the dusts. It can be washed until it breaks as we wish. The whacking is not suggested for the gloves which are cheap.

So, considering the above given factors may choose the buyers to purchase the best baseball gloves for their kids.

The Best Gloves For the Toddlers:

It is easy to find lot of designs and models in the baseball gloves but for toddlers only few will give the best experience. Here, the users can find top three baseball gloves for toddlers and considering them will help the toddlers to perform better while playing the game.

Soft Foam Glove:

It is especially designed for the youth players. From the Dora and Sponge Bob, the users can find some of the best designs and models. It can be purchased from the online shopping stores too.

  • These designs are made using high quality materials. It has Velcro on the outside, which help the kids to wear them or take out easily.
  • It is available in the leather material and let the players to deliver better performance. It best suits for 4-6 years kids.

It should be kept in open position and the users cannot it fold it.

It would not be apt for the kids, who have sensitive fingers. It looks big and clumsy, which causes some inconvenience.

Easy Catch Glove:

It is the best glove for the beginners and best suit for the kids with 3-5 years. It is good for the Blast ball and Slam Ball level.


The glove is very soft and let the kids to easily open & close it.

It let them to effectively learn the importance of scoop in the game.


Durability is the main issue of using this glove and not good for left-hand throw.

Itza Mit Catch Glove:

It is worth considering and especially designed for the water play. The glove is reversible and uses the thin foam which ensures the flexibility. However, this glove is bit rough than all other models.

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