Best Wood Baseball Bats For You To Buy (2019-2020)

Best Wood Baseball Bats For You To Buy

Baseball bats come in various sizes and might consist of various kinds of materials as well. Most common materials used in the making of baseball bats include wood, aluminum, and bamboo. Composite bats are very popular that make use of more than one kind of materials for increased durability and performance with the usage of specific materials in different areas of the bat structure. Among most of the different kinds of materials of which the bats are made, the best wood baseball bats are most common and are highly appreciated the type of bats allowed in major leagues matches.

What Is A Wood Baseball Bat?

As the name indicates the baseball bats which are made from natural wood obtained from the tree are called wood baseball bats. These bats are made of wood which can be of one type or two. Wood baseball bats are durable and may give the hard surface and the bounce that serves best to hit the ball hard.

Wood baseball bats can be a product of wood from Maple, Birch, Oaks, and bamboo. You may need to look for the best wood for a baseball bat to achieve the level of performance you need.

Some of them might have one piece construction while other can be 2 or more pieces joined to give a balanced baseball bat construction. Different types of wood may be used or one type of wood may combine with bamboo to give a sturdy, long-lasting and high-performance baseball bats.

Which Important Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Wood Baseball Bats?

As discussed earlier wood baseball bats are likely to serve you on a long-term basis and they can perform well in league matches and for training purposes as well. For having a best wood baseball bat, you need to look for the following important things to avoid any disappointment:

The Kind of Wood Used

Definitely, when you are about to pick up a wood baseball bat you have to be careful in choosing the right kind of bat made of wood that actually serves your needs well during the play.

There are around a few types of best wood for baseball bats that are used to make different bats or sometimes the various kinds of wood are joined to give a composite bat.

Most common kinds of wood used in the making of wood baseball bats include the Maple wood, Birchwood, Ashwood, bamboo etc. These kinds of wood have their own specific features and qualities to cater to the unique needs of each player.

Birchwood Baseball Bats

Birchwood provides a performance that is more or less similar to Maple wood bats. These are strong, though a little variable than maple wood still, offer enough dense hitting surface with the large hitting area.

Ashwood Baseball Bats

It is less dense and not so strong and has more flex then hard surface. The grains are very visible and give enough sweet spot to hit the ball easily.

Maple Wood Baseball Bats

Maple wood bats are considered as the best wooden baseball bats by most of the professional players because of the strength and the power it offers. Further, it gives the strongest hitting surface and mostly seen as the denser materials for baseball bats.

Composite or Not

After you have decided on the type of wood materials you need in your bats, you should know if you are going to buy a composite bat. Composite bats may give you a mix of qualities of two different kinds of wood. You can find bamboo and maple composite bats and also Birch, ash, and bamboo composite bats.

The Size of The Barrel

The size of the barrel also matters as you might need larger barrel size for a powerful play because big barrel means trampoline performance in the tournaments.

The Sweet Spot

Try to find the size of the sweet spot of the bat. Larger sweet spots help you play better with more control over hitting the surface and allows you to play confidently at your full potential.

The Tapper and The Length to Weight Ratio

The tapper and length to weight ratio also matter a lot because it affects the swing, the power you exert for hitting the ball and the handling of the bat for better hitting. The desirable length to weight ratio for most of the wood bats used in the tournament is considered to be -3. It is better to have a precise and well-balanced design for better performance.

Cupped or Flat End

Wood bats may come up with cupped or flat ends. Cupped ends are preferred because of having a capability to provide a better exit velocity and more balanced swing of the bat. It also helps in providing better swing speed while playing.

Best Wood For Baseball Bats Reviews

To help you find the best wood baseball bats here we have listed some of the options for you to pick:

 1 . BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat, Wood, Barnett

Sometimes you only need to get started with the baseball game by knowing how to use, swing and play with the baseball bat. For this purpose, you need a well-designed easy to handle a bat like this BBW wooden baseball bat which has perfect features to allow easy play to build your confidence. It is made of real wood and allows easy hitting and handling during the game. Perfect for beginners though it is not made to be used in tournaments and league matches.

BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat, Wood, barnett (28)

 2 . Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat

For those who are looking for a BBCOR composite/hybrid bat with excellent grip and performance then there is no need to look further. Though it may break if you are a regular player a little sooner. Still, if you want to enjoy the actual spirit of the baseball game with lots of control over the bat swing, the well-designed barrel having a bamboo core and made of maple wood which is said to be the best wood for a baseball bat, you may try it for sure.

 This Professionally balanced speed construction make sure to give the performance that is needed. This is a professional baseball bat that has a proper taper, barrel size and provides a lighter more swift wing with the help of the cupped cap at the end for better grip and old on the bat while swinging. It comes with a 90-day warranty that is eligible for a claim if you provide the receipt along with the returned bat if it’s broken before the 90-day tenure.

Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat

 3 . Easton S2 Birch Wood Baseball Bat

Easton S2 Birchwood baseball bat is definitely a winner among those who claim durable and high-quality performance. The professional grade wood offers long-lasting power and the precise construction with laser engraved well-designed barrel that also has a cupped end assures complete control over the bat movement to make a perfect hit.

The grain straightness on the wood is tested by using the professional ink dot process that conforms maximum reliability and performance. This is a perfect BBCOR bat that assures high-quality performance with a durable material construction that would not disappoint you.

Easton S2 Birch Wood Baseball Bat

 4 . K455 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat

This is a perfect starter bat for your kids who want to mark their goals early in their game and achieve a higher level of performance without any issues. The design is perfect for kids as it has an almost straightened handle and a 2 ¼ barrel having a -8 drop that meets that needs of the little league standards which are set up for wooden bats. It is made in the USA so quality is not an issue here. You may return the bat in case if you find it inappropriate or insufficient for your kid.

K455 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat

 5 . Rawlings Big Stick Composite Pro Wood Baseball Bat

This Rawlings Big Stick is a super performance bat for those who are a professional hitter in the baseball game. It is a BBCOR .50 bat that assures well-designed construction, even distribution of the weight across the bat and cupped ends gives out better swing and control when hitting the ball. It has a large barrel size having the diameter that is 2.5 inches.

The bat features maple and bamboo composite construction for a durable bat that performs well. The handle comes as 19/20 inches that make sure the player will be easy with least or no pressure on the wrist. The bat comes with a large sweet spot and hitting a surface that increases the chances of hitting the ball at with the maximum potential it has got. It also offers a 90-day warranty to back its quality and standards.

Rawlings Big Stick Composite Pro Wood Baseball Bat

 6 . Rawlings Velo Ash 3 Wood Baseball Bat

For players who need to get an easier way to hit better and with lesser effort and more control, this Tac-grip thin handle construction could be the best one to consider. This has been specially designed to provide maximum strength where there is a lesser strain on the wrists and the arm muscles. The barrel size is around 2.5 inches or smaller offering a medium sizes barrel for better balance and control over the swing. The bat comes with a surety of having -3 weight to length ratio.

Rawlings Velo Ash 3 Wood Baseball Bat

 7 . Easton S2 Hybrid Speed Adult Wood Baseball Bat

This composite bat with bamboo and maple construction promises the most durable and high quality performing bat for professional players. 7/8 inches handle and 0.6 grip of Hyperkin makes it easier to use and allows better performance. The cupped end also is supportive of better swing and control on the bat’s movement. It is a BBCOR bat you can trust for a balanced and strong hit with least efforts at your end. 90-day limited warranty is also there that is claimable for any damages you experience on the handle.

Easton S2 Hybrid Speed Adult Wood Baseball Bat Maple/Bamboo BBCOR

 8 . Barnett BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat

This Barnett wooden baseball bat is a composite bat that fits the needs of beginners of having a balanced well-designed baseball bat. This is well made with durable wood but it is only for some leisure time play and not for serious training or tournament baseball game.

Barnett BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat

 9 . Rawlings Adirondack Youth Wood Bat

Kids need balanced and easy to handle baseball bats and this Rawlings youth wood bat made of Adirondack ash wood offers convenience and power to the young players. The 1-inch handle is perfect for tender small hands and the medium size of the barrel ranges 2.5 or smaller to assure better and balanced hit and swing. The overall design is made to support the young player’s beginner acts and allow them to build confidence with their confirmed hits to the ball.

Rawlings Adirondack Youth Wood Bat

 10 . Marucci MEFMPC

The Marucci wooden baseball bats are made with the best bat construction techniques including the bone rubbing process that closes the opened wood pores to make sure the wood becomes durable and hard enough to keep up with the hitting power that is needed. This one has the -3 lengths/weight ratio for a balanced bat design making it perfect to give an easy yet enough swing to hit the ball perfectly. The precise cuts and balance handle and barrel design distribute the weight evenly for a better-controlled move every time you swing and hit the coming ball.

Marucci MEFMPC


As per most of the wood baseball bat reviews, we can surely say that if you need the best wood baseball bat you may need to explore through its durability, size and overall materials along with its design features. Wooden baseball bats are considered as the best and most durable bats providing larger sweet spot and trampoline effect. They are also capable of providing more strength and swing.

Though it is very important to find high-quality composite bats if you need to play easy and show your maximum hitting potential. They are slightly heavier if you are going to choose a best wooden baseball bat but you can find some lighter yet stronger best wood baseball bats having a composite structure that has bamboo paired with Birch, Ash or Maple wood.

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