How Important Is Speed in Baseball?

Speed plays a crucial role in any sports and Baseball is no exception to it. Interestingly 60-yard dash running speed is used in major league baseball camp. The fastest runners always have an edge in selection compared to other players. There’s an old saying “The faster your speed, the better player you become” and speed is important in the game of baseball. Let us understand why and how.

How Speed Influences Baseball Game Performance

Baseball is summarized as one team trying to make runs while other is trying to prevent that from happening. If the scores are not tied in the end of nine innings, the highest scoring team wins. Scoring runs are just as important as pitching the ball. There are a lot of activities in baseball when one needs to have better speed and reflexes such as running or pitching the ball

You may need to run fast to catch a ball after being hit. Baseball is an evolving game where players try to figure out the weakness in the opponents and having quick runners and fielders in the team is always an edge in difficult games. Training with high speed is important if you want to win crucial games and therefore a fast runner can make a huge difference in the end results.

The Science of Getting to The First Base

Besides hitting a home run, you may be looking to get to the first base as safely as possible and it is important for the players to understand the science behind this. Abilities of the fielders are getting increased and this is something quite difficult to control so there could be game situations when getting to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd base is the most important tactic that you need. 

Having the ability to sprint fast and reach to the other base is the most important requirement in baseball and if you are not having the required training on your speed then you may fall short which ultimately going to penalize your team. It is not just about hitting the right strike but it is about being able to run quickly before the ball gets to the pitcher or the fielder.

 Not every team can hit home runs easily so running between the bases is quite an important part of the baseball game and could very well be the reason for crossing over the line and securing a win for your team.

Importance of High Speed and Quick Fielders in Baseball

When you are a fielder then you aim to prevent the other teams from making runs and it is required that you may need to run large distance within the areas of fielding. Being a fielder on your team, it is important to get fast running training so that you can become a great athlete who can stop as many runs as possible. Speed also comes handy when you need to catch a ball or throw it back to the pitcher. 

Fielder speed is the key during competitions and tough matches as being a fielder, it is important to assess the situation that how fast the ball is needed to throw and reach the base or home plate before the runner. A fielder must not compromise on the running speed at any cost and in order to gain more speed on the field, agility drills can be useful for you. Baseball drills can be conducted by the professionals and it can be useful in raising your speed.

Importance of Speed for Pitchers

A pitcher must have a trait of using his speed and develop the right technique or precision with fast speed. With quick hands and movements, a pitcher can get the ball in the right areas and make it difficult for the opponent to hit the ball. With better speed and movement, the pitchers can gain a lot of confidence and also helps them stay ahead in the game as it creates doubts in the opponent’s minds. 

Most of the professional players and coaches prefer to pitch at a speed of around 90 to 97mph on the average and this is something which is achievable if there are vigorous running sessions conducted. In order to gain more speed and pitch, it is suggested to increase your workout by picking up more weights, perform high functional training such as squats and lunges to lower your body and focus on getting the right pitching mechanics.

Speed for Hitters

The hitter is the most important player of baseball as he scores run and have to run to different bases to achieve the required targets for the team. Being a hitter is not only about getting home runs but it also involves having the right combination of speed and energy while hitting. You may need to spin your bat quickly and also need to run as fast as possible during the bases. While practicing, you need to increase your hitting techniques, increase bat spin speed and also need to run fast.

Know How Fast Are MLB Players

MLB players are professionals who can outsmart and outrun a fielder. It is important to have more specific abilities and able to run to high peak velocities in order to outrun other players in the game. One should have the good initial acceleration to pick up the good speed from the scoring position but also have the ability to dive and get to the base as quickly as possible. A balanced approach is required and MLB players need to possess these tactics in the game.


Above are some of the instances and situations where speed plays a key role in baseball and whether you are a hitter, pitcher or a fielder, you need to have a good speed and this determines how good a player you are. Therefore, if you are playing baseball and want to focus on developing your skills in this game then it is recommended to learn the art of running fast and keeping your pace ahead in the game.

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