The Basic Of Baseball: Who Bats First In Baseball?

“Who bats first in baseball, which is the base runner, how the innings works?”

Moreover, many more questions are there when you are trying to understand the core concepts of the baseball game. In this article, we are trying to put emphasis on such questions and give you the simplest possible answers. Although there are many rule books and by watching the game you can easily understand, yet sometimes just be watching you may miss some core and easy fundamentals of the game.

So in the section below we are presenting some of the core concept of the baseball in the form of questions that might come in your mind.

Some of The Basic Rules of The Baseball

Here we will present some of the basic rules that are followed in the baseball game, and these rules are made in such a way that both the team get the fair chance to play the game. One can take a look at the points that have been stated below so that they can understand the different set of rules that must be followed throughout the game of the baseball. For the new players these rules are a must to realize:

1. What Happens When The Match Draws?

Well, this rule is about the innings played in the baseball game. The first thing to keep in mind is the nine innings must be played during the game. These nine innings will be played no matter what. When the first three hitters of the Top team gets out by the pitchers of the bottom team the inning will rotate. However, in the case after the 9th inning the score of both the team is same them the 10th inning will start, then 11th and so on unless we have a winner.

2. Who Bats First In The Baseball?

This rule is about who will be the first team to hit in baseball and who will be the second? Well, the first team is always known as the Top team and the second team to hit is referred to as the bottom team. Now if you are looking for the answer to the question who bats first in the baseball then you must know about who the home team is?

Well, every league in the baseball team has a home team, and this team will respect the guest teams and let them play first. Hence the home the league will be the bottom team and the guest team will be the Top team.

3. Who Decides The Batting Order?

Betting lineup or batting order is all to be determined by the team managers in the big baseball league match. However, that is not it. Unlike the cricket, where the team lineup or batting lineup is not mandatory to inform, in baseball, the batting lineup will be first reported to the umpires and the opponent team. 

The information that has been based will be followed during the game unless there is a requirement of a substitute in the case of an injury. The replacement can be chosen randomly based on the situation of the game. However, the point to be noted is that if the substitute was in the lineup for the first three players, then he will be eliminated as his turn is one in the first inning. With the rotation in the inning, the next player in the lineup will come to bat as decided in the lineup.

4. How To Decide That When The Hitter Is Out?

This is another important question that must be striking in your mind when you start to learn the basics of the baseball game. So let’s tell you the answer that the fielding team can get the hitter in one of the following stated ways:

  • Field Out: Well it is also known as catch out in cricket. The trick is simple, the hitter will hit the ball, and the fielder on the field will catch the ball without letting it touch the ground.
  • However, here is a point to be noted that, if the touch of the ball with the bat is too small then the catch will not give out. That case will be considered as a strike, and on the third strike, the hitter will be out. However, if the ball if a foul ball, then the third strike will not be counted. The ball should be fair.
  • Put out: In this situation, the hitter will be out if he is not on the base and the fielder has touched him with the ball. Well, the fielder does not need to touch the player but he can touch the base, and the runner who is running toward that base will be considered as out. It is known as forced out as well.
  • Strike out: There is a strike zone between the hitter’s knee, below the midpoint of his waist and shoulders, and over the "home plate." If the pitcher throws the ball in the strike zone three times, no matter if the hitter has hit the ball or not, the hitter will be out.

5. How The Running Does Work Or There Be Any Advantages Of The Base Runners For The Hitter?

This question is not quite common, however; it may inform you about the importance of base runners in the game. We all know that in the diamond shape field there are three more players other than the hitters who will run as soon as the player has hit the ball.

Well, the base runner comes with the advantage that they can run without worrying about if the where the swing is or if the hitter has hit the ball or not. Although hitting is must, yet the runner will be ready without taking care of putting the bat on the ground before running like the hitter.

He can even distract the pitcher by running earlier than the pitcher throws the ball. He can be the best entity with the mind games in the play. However, the pitcher can take him down as well instead of throwing but by tapping him when he is not on the base. So one should be careful.


Well, in this article we have tried to inculcate some of the core questions of the baseball rules that must be followed during the games.

We have let you know how the innings work, who bat first in baseball and the importance of the base runner. However, the technical aspects of the game are much more than these core concepts that one must learn.

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